Beauty Podcast Episode 16

Hey Guys xo

Episode 16 – Can You believe it ? I can’t …..Really!!! When I get to episode 23- one of my lucky numbers -! I will for sure throw another giveaway – so stay tuned.

——- No longer posting in the evening! This podcast has no rules and is free flow so ….

Hippy Lip – who was my guest on  episode 3 is back again with Stashy and I !

We recorded this on Wednesday last week – 11/9 and so of course we do “Politic” a lot…..

We do talk beauty and it’s kind of silly as always ……

Here is the synopsis Miss Stasheroo wrote in a flash ….


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This was actually amazing to record as Hippy lip and Stashy really took the stage

It was a hard day and it was nice to just record and pop in and talk – but not as much as I usually do…….

These women – I now “coin” them Babes against the machine ….

Outspoken and Not afraid to speak their minds.


Rage against the machine is one of my fave bands ... “Guerilla Radio” – one of the best songs ever!

Kinda suits the episode


Enjoy you guys xo


and thanks for sharing as always




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  1. everythingnothin

    Looking forward to listening…even if I seem to be one of the few that likes Trump. There is a lot about Hillary Clinton that people do not know or seem to see. It was a crazy election for sure. Now I really look forward to people getting over it and stop whining about who won. There are bigger fish to fry haha! Especially since most of those rioters are people who didn’t even vote! They can only blame themselves. Anyway, that is just my two cents as an American that is OVER the media and politics and is ready for some real change. The one thing I see is that this really woke America up to see that the media LIES a lot. People around the world thought that Hillary had it won because of what the media said and so many bullying commercials (how are those okay?). And they got it wrong! Nice to see that people are still in control. Also, I think people should have read both candidates plans online. It revealed more than the media covered. Their plans that they wrote on their websites and how they had their websites set up revealed a lot about them…just like our blogs/websites are a reflection of us….theirs were a reflection of them. I think there is a cool lesson we can all learn from Trump too. And it is this…Even if the whole world says you can’t do something or that you are a failure and should never be something, you can prove them wrong with hard work and determination. If you put your mind to it, you can DO ANYTHING. That is something we can all take away from this. We can all be whatever we dream and we can all take a stand to make a change even if everyone tells us NO. Don’t hate me Haha. I just wanted to give you another side of the story haha!!

    1. stashy

      It is true – the DNC has a LOT of self reflection to do. They definitely had blinders on. The media too. I can definitely appreciate what you’re saying. This election was just SO divisive – I can also understand why people opted not to vote. It’s healthy to have these discussions!

      1. Cat Forsley

        YES YES YES ……. hello – jumping in – the worst thing to do is to close conversations yeah ! open conversations lead to understanding . and that to me is change xxx

    2. hippylip

      I agree on every point you make! The sad part is the media controls the majority and it’s hard to look past all the bullshit and see the real political issues each candidate presented. For me, it was the lesser of two evils, but I am heartbroken over the hatred being spewed by “liberals”. If you stand by being a liberal than you should treat people equally right?. I never bullied or name-called anyone for their choice in candidates and I never will. Let’s hope that Trump can do some great things for this country. I accept him as my president and I’m holding him to his promises. I wish the bullying would stop so we can come together to make this country whole again.

      1. everythingnothin

        I 100% agree with you!! Recent elections have been bad…but this one went to a whole new level! It became a huge bullying game…yet they say they are against bullying…made no sense to me haha! Both sides hardly ever talked about the issues…it was so sad!! And I agree!! “Liberals” need to just stop…many of them didn’t even vote!! Same here love…I read the issues and the plans and based my vote on that alone. Why can’t people figure out what issues are important to them and take a stand on the issues not the person! I hope he can too…He is going to have to or it will be a disaster. He totally should be held accountable and I hope he will actually make the changes this country needs…especailly the economy and healthcare (I was a Pharm Tech…I saw a lot haha)! And AMEN!!! It is over, stop the bullying, and let’s for once come together and make this country amazing and be a people united…that puts the media in their place hahah!!!

        1. hippylip

          Well said!! I’m a nurse and can’t even see a dr until a pay a $2700 deductible. The healthcare system is failing. People have stopped going to the Dr…..ok rant over. I love your passion and you should’ve been on the show with us. Lol

          1. everythingnothin

            Right??!!! And I am working full-time on my blog which is now my only source of income and they want me to pay $400/month for insurance. I barely even make that right now!! So crazy!!!! I totally should have been haha!!!

            1. hippylip

              Wow!! First off, I think it’s awesome that you are doing this full-time!!! I could only dream of doing that! I have so many questions. lol Obamacare blows and I don’t care what anybody says. 😝

              1. everythingnothin

                AWWWW!!! You’re so sweet!! I am not making enough to live off yet…but I am scraping. My company shut down early this year and I haven’t found a job yet. I figured now is the perfect time to take a risk on myself and see if I can be successful at blogging full-time haha!!!And I 100% agree with you love!!!

                1. hippylip

                  That’s great!! I’m sorry your company closed but I believe everything happens for a reason and this is an opportunity. Plus you get to do something you love full-time. I wish you the best of luck 🍀

                  1. everythingnothin

                    My thoughts exactly!!! You’re the sweetest!! Everything really does happen for a reason and life is full of mysteries!! I love challenges and I love life!! Mysteries can be a lot of fun too haha!!

                2. Cat Forsley

                  always always always …………….. take a risk on YOURSELF //// come ON – XO ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ …………………………. RIGHT XXXX ?
                  XXXXXXXXXX believe in ur dreams and follow your own heart ……. you never know what is just around the corner for you xo xo xo xo xo xo xo KUDOS XXX

        2. Cat Forsley

          seriously ELIZABETH … come on ….these comments are just blowing my mind some more
          u know how exhausted i am after yesterday Lol
          babes against the machine with a &&& load to say – KUDOS ….

  2. hippylip

    Thank you for having me, AGAIN!! I always have so much fun chatting with you guys, even when it gets as passionate as this episode did. We had an amazingly hilarious and sometimes serious talk about the aftermath of the election. My favorite part is still the memes, call me shallow but in this circus, I had to find some humor. Your podcast is a perfect outlet and made me feel so much better to talk about it. Keep up the kick ass work you guys do!! #keepraging
    ~Token American

    1. Cat Forsley

      “token executive president of podcast ” says YOU KICK ….. I mean really kick … and ur on again next week …. COME ON ………
      ❤ ❤ ❤ i have got a lot of editing to do this weekend xo wink xo HUGS XO U ROCK

            1. Cat Forsley

              i DO know …. and the more free flow the better – that – in my editing world and stats world now understand . This started as a simple idea ….. and remember who inspired it .. My 12 year old ….
              and Now it’s something else completely ….

        1. Cat Forsley

          OMG – u speak my language xo xo xo xo xo xo xo xo xo xo ❤ ❤ ❤ can't wait to know what You think xo xo xo lol xxx
          and with that I unplug for 12 hrs …
          CAN I DO IT ?

                1. Cat Forsley

                  I would love to hear Your opinion doll xxxxx you know what – gonna tune into ur news tomorrow and see xo
                  hope ur having a relaxing weekend and eating CANDYYYYYYYYYYYYY MUAH
                  xo gn xoxoxoxxox

                  1. Amy

                    Voting Trump would not have been my choice, I find him hateful, misogynistic and childish. In my opinion, to better America, they need to change their gun laws and fix their healthcare system. About 20 years ago Australia underwent strict gun laws after a mass shooting that killed 35 people, it took one massacre to make a change and we have not had another since. Anyway, I just hope people from all race, gender, religion, age, income class and walks of life can respect one another and get along.

                    1. Cat Forsley

                      guns ….. first of all – GROSS ………
                      you know what i find really weird – is that we are connected by a border – same continent and we do NOT DO GUNS …… to me whenever i visit the us – is what I find a mind blow – i cannot never understand it …………..<3 ? xxxxxxxx Hugs Amy xxxxx i personally think – or rather feel that we are all opening our eyes or hearts to Tolerance ………………………… ❤

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