Beauty Podcast Episode 16

Hey Guys xo

Episode 16 – Can You believe it ? I can’t …..Really!!! When I get to episode 23- one of my lucky numbers -! I will for sure throw another giveaway – so stay tuned.

——- No longer posting in the evening! This podcast has no rules and is free flow so ….

Hippy Lip – who was my guest on  episode 3 is back again with Stashy and I !

We recorded this on Wednesday last week – 11/9 and so of course we do “Politic” a lot…..

We do talk beauty and it’s kind of silly as always ……

Here is the synopsis Miss Stasheroo wrote in a flash ….


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This was actually amazing to record as Hippy lip and Stashy really took the stage

It was a hard day and it was nice to just record and pop in and talk – but not as much as I usually do…….

These women – I now “coin” them Babes against the machine ….

Outspoken and Not afraid to speak their minds.


Rage against the machine is one of my fave bands ... “Guerilla Radio” – one of the best songs ever!

Kinda suits the episode


Enjoy you guys xo


and thanks for sharing as always




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69 thoughts on “ Beauty Podcast Episode 16

  1. everythingnothin says:

    Looking forward to listening…even if I seem to be one of the few that likes Trump. There is a lot about Hillary Clinton that people do not know or seem to see. It was a crazy election for sure. Now I really look forward to people getting over it and stop whining about who won. There are bigger fish to fry haha! Especially since most of those rioters are people who didn’t even vote! They can only blame themselves. Anyway, that is just my two cents as an American that is OVER the media and politics and is ready for some real change. The one thing I see is that this really woke America up to see that the media LIES a lot. People around the world thought that Hillary had it won because of what the media said and so many bullying commercials (how are those okay?). And they got it wrong! Nice to see that people are still in control. Also, I think people should have read both candidates plans online. It revealed more than the media covered. Their plans that they wrote on their websites and how they had their websites set up revealed a lot about them…just like our blogs/websites are a reflection of us….theirs were a reflection of them. I think there is a cool lesson we can all learn from Trump too. And it is this…Even if the whole world says you can’t do something or that you are a failure and should never be something, you can prove them wrong with hard work and determination. If you put your mind to it, you can DO ANYTHING. That is something we can all take away from this. We can all be whatever we dream and we can all take a stand to make a change even if everyone tells us NO. Don’t hate me Haha. I just wanted to give you another side of the story haha!!

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  2. hippylip says:

    Thank you for having me, AGAIN!! I always have so much fun chatting with you guys, even when it gets as passionate as this episode did. We had an amazingly hilarious and sometimes serious talk about the aftermath of the election. My favorite part is still the memes, call me shallow but in this circus, I had to find some humor. Your podcast is a perfect outlet and made me feel so much better to talk about it. Keep up the kick ass work you guys do!! #keepraging
    ~Token American

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