Beauty Podcast Episode 17

Hollah ! Episode 17!

Hippy Lip Joins Stashy and I for Part Deux -(part 2) or (part Duh) …… and this time it’s all beauty and zaniness!

Last week the podcast had an unbelievable response! I have no idea why?  Was it the socially charged content ……?    It Certainly wasn’t the editing on my part … ha …… The Most listens so far for this tiny idea that was launched in July of this year……

Maybe it was more RAW – and really when I think about it – this is exactly what I want for this podcast. The less format the better. No Rules….. No Holds Barred and Say anything …….

Self expression to the max!  Insert Valley Girl Accent…….


Marilyn & Madonna are my 2 of my Favourite Icons when it comes to just about everything


I love every single episode that is posted but i think 17 is my Favourite ……..

So Far……..


“Express Yourself don’t repress Yourself ” ……….. Madonna – “Human Nature” 

-synopsis –


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EnJoy –

we did !

– Happy Thanksgiving to my US friends -!!!!\

Have a Gorgeous weekend !

Xo All Love


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  1. stashy

    I think the response to the podcast last week was due to a hot button topic! Beauty people like pretty stuff but they also are interested in substantial topics! 🙂 Also, we have great chemistry together with HippyLip! 😀

    1. Cat Forsley

      Yes we do …….. thank You stasheroo – i know we already celebrated thanksgiving like a month and a bit ago …… but …Hey – i am “international ” xo special Thanks to You xo

      1. Amy

        I want HippyLip to know that she’s not alone, I dont like going to Mac stores either, the mua have a too cool for school attitude that just rubs me the wrong way.

  2. harivain

    This was really cool! I’m gonna leave the same comment I left Stashy and HippyLip.
    About packaging being no indication of what the product represents, Wet N Wild Megalast Lipsticks are the perfect example! Crappy packaging with an awesome product!
    We call them gaseous drinks! HAHAHA!!!
    MAC MUAs get a bad rep all over the world huh! Wow! If someone else can tell you have too much blush on, you HAVE TOO MUCH BLUSH ON!
    Oh, YouTube video editing is a nightmare! I took days to edit content down to a 5 minute video!

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