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Hey BeYouties !

Today I am Unboxing something so very special ……

I won this from Beautiful and Sweet Michelle.

A ton of You guys know her as @SnazzySweet on Instagram!  Amazing Inside out – A Canadian Beauty Blogger with a ton of heart ….

This is my first beauty advent calendar and just wow!


look at her card

In love xo


Will Keep forever Michelle!

This is such a gorgeous clock … truly magical

I opened it and was transported immediately to the amazing smell of a Lush store!

12 Days Of Christmas

Christmas Gift

12 days? 12 goodies? Perfect.

With 12 limited edition holiday treats packed inside a reusable hat box, this gift is perfect for giving and receiving. You’ll have enough Lush to take you right through to the big day or plenty of skincare treats to last you into the New Year. And when you’re done, you can fill the hat box with even more of your favorite Lush stuff or anything else you like!


12 days of christmas mylipaddiction.jpg

the packing peanuts are biodegradable – run them under water and they disappear

How cool is that !

descriptions of everything

Inside -.jpg

I have never tried any of these so Extra Exciting !

 Lush Christmas - MyLipaddiction.com .jpg

Shoot for the stars – Bath Bomb 

Golden Wonder – Bath Bomb 

Luxury Lush Pud

are especially poetic in description!

Super excited as these are limited edition !

Inside the Box - 12 Days of Christmas - MyLipaddiction.com .jpg

and such a beautiful hat box for storage !

Again In Love xo

Thank You so Much Michelle 

Mega Hugs Your way !


Oh Yes – 1 more day til my mini giveaway ends –

I will announce the winner – Tomorrow – 12/01 on twitter at 8 am EST

You can read the original post Here!


 You can follow Michelle

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Have a magical week!





  1. I see your FEET in that first picture! 😆 Where are your flip flops?
    Enjoy all your LUSH goodies! I heard good things about that Snow Fairy.
    Michelle is so sweet and thoughtful! ❤

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    1. Dear Stashy – i put the flip flops away til summer ….. or did i ? xxx Lol with socks – sometimes xo SNOW FAIR smells Like Yoghurt in my opinion ….. She is beyond sweet xoxoxxoxoxxoxo

      Liked by 1 person

        1. omg ……… yeah sexy all year round …. with chihuahua hairs on the socks at all time ……. go and sniff – Try snow fairy …… just take a whiff ,,,,,,,,,i think u will freak xxxxxx i am Gonna review everything starting next week – but FIRST THING SNOW FAIRY like MEGA ahmaZingggg


  2. What a sweet collection! I feel relaxed just looking at these beautiful Lush products. You will definitely feel pampered. Enjoy your 12 Days of Christmas gifts!

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