Thank You to the best cohost EVER – Stash Matters xo Muah xo

Most Beauty Bloggers in the community know this woman as being amazingly creative, funny and meticulous – Understatement!
I really believe and it may sound cheezy – I know she will be cringing – HA- !
That Kindness makes more Kindness and That positivity makes more positivity …..
Miss Stasheroo – who became My Cohost on episode 13 as Beauty podcast Grew and Grew has been such a Joy – again Understatement …..
thank you
She does not like to be singled out ……
I do….
Her sense of humour is Dry and Sarcastic
Mine is Gooey and cheesy….
She is Linear
I don’t think I have to tell You guys I am not….
           I am crazy about her because she is Unconditional  – and although we are so very different – we have shared similar life experiences in travel and art …..She has become “My person” over the past year and well… Miss Stashy – You are a bright star and I adore You !
And just to make this extra sentimental ….
which I know she detests ! HA
Here is a song for Her ….
Play it loud Love !!!
Raising My caffeinated bev. to You Stash Matters
I love you and Have No problem
saying it LOUDLY XO
I love You xo
Now that I have totally made you shy ….
I run away Lol
Have a great weekend all
and If You love someone
Tell them …..
Cat !!!!
“The more I think about it, the more I realize there is nothing more artistic than to love others.”
Vincent Van Gogh


  1. Mrs Strawberry Blonde

    Now that’s an ode to Stashy!

    Cat, your podcast is brilliant. I usually find myself laughing all the time. Sure, the post-election podcast was different, but it was super informative – I still remember you said you had an English boyfriend once! And no, I don’t know why I remember this random fact. 😀

    Anyway, what I wanted to say is that I think you’re a fantastic talk show host – and Stashy is the perfect sidekick. You’re so different, but I think this is what makes you guys so great tiogether. You’re like Batman and Robin – but with more make-up (and, probably, less cool costumes…).

            1. Cat Forsley

              and some snacks ….. LOL
              that’s Love right ? xxxx
              hope u wanna be on the podcast next year xo
              ur so funny xo and u have a ton o heart = a requirement xo
              Love – Batman xo

  2. stashy

    OH MY GAWD. I’m going to report this post to WordPress as harassment!!! 😮
    I have an IMAGE to maintain, ya know? You can’t just post mush like this for people to see!
    … I’m going to block that Snow Patrol video too!

    But um, thanks! I guess… grumble grumble I’m gonna take a shower now to wash off this embarrassment. ❤ ❤ ❤

    1. Cat Forsley

      AS if …….. ur gonna report moi ……… or snow patrol ……….
      BIG AS IFS ….
      no mater how many showers u take
      ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
      I really don't care if ur GRUMBLY ………..
      i don't ….
      i wrote what my mushy heart had to say and that's never gonna stop …..
      SO there
      #GottabeME XOOXOXOXXO

  3. MyStyleInsideOut

    awww… so much love and cheese here.. HAHHAHA I can attest to how Stashy doesnt like I LOVE YOU’s.. LOL but yes.. Cat, if there’s a Poll of memorable topic, I would say Stashy’s first guesting that I felt like she carries all the products in her hands while chatting with you as she remembered everything as if she’s like a “walking dictionary” for beauty products.. Ugghh Stash! I couldnt even remember one name of all my fave lipstick or nail polish.. hahahaha

    1. stashy

      That awkward silence in the episode when Cat says I love you is hilarious! 😆
      I have sectioned off a portion of my brain to memorize makeup items: brands, shade names, limited edition releases. Just like how guys can remember lines from the Simpsons or a movie! 😛

      1. MyStyleInsideOut

        Hahahhaah… I used to remember all my classmates from kindergarten to college.. but now I rarely remember even my teachers name..😂😂🙈

  4. harivain

    Awwwww, how sweet. Stashy is an amazing co-host! She’s got so much insight into the beauty world. And I know we’d all kill for a post on her makeup collection or even on her revealing herself!

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