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Hey BeYouties!!!!!

Today I have a review on a lipstick that has totally made waves in 2016.

I wanted it for so very long and when I met up with my Cohost and Cohort –

Stash Matters – Β for our Christmas Get together -She Gifted me!

We had talked about this brand in Episode 13Β 

Stashy had definite opinions about this! Wink

Spoiler Alert … I love it !

If there are flowers in something – I immediately fall in Love.Β kailijumei-mylipaddiction-com

KAILIJUMEIΒ has one of the weirdest websites I have ever seen, yet these lipsticks are selling out !


From their websiteΒ 

Or is this their website?Β 

I have absolutely no idea.

Back to my review …


These lipsticks are from China and really they are almost too pretty to wear.

Barbie Doll Powder: which I think is the cutest name seems like it’s the lightest wash of colour. Β Again, I could be wrong as each lipstick works with ph balance and individual chemistry.


I love the packaging as it pops open and has a little mirror

Little flecks of gold and a jelly like feel

Barbie doll Powder - MyLipaddiction,com .jpg

Here is a swatch in natural light and the wash is exactly the same on my lips

Baby pink

Β barbie-doll-powder-swatch-mylipaddiction-com

I have very light lips so it’s like my lips but better.

I love it because It’s pretty.

It has barely any scent and well- again I am sucker for things that contain flowers

MyLipaddiction.com barbie doll powder .jpg

*5 out of 5

I also like this because it’s a bit mysterious !

Have You Guys tried this brand ?

Cat xo

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*This was a Gift



  1. stashy

    I still shake my head at this lipstick but you wanted it so badly! Yes, their website is weird but they do ship out promptly and I had NO issues. As soon as I saw the word “Barbie”, I knew that was the shade for you! It swatches really nicely, I must admit!

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