Birthday Wishlist!

Hello BeYouties !

It’s Love Month

My Favourite Month

even though Toronto Has seen No Natural light ……

I have not done a Wishlist in Forever …..

And My Birthday is on the 15th …

So YAH !

I already had 2 great recommendations last week

From Nina Westbury + Dave Lackie 

and so I got myself a little birthday beauty – PRE ….

Now I cannot wait to show You these ….

Light permitting ….

They are both Gorgeous ….

I have fallen in Love …

Nina + Dave Make great recommendations …

BURBERRY liquid Lip Velvet in 021 – Primrose

Such a fresh and Yummy blue toned pink


DIOR Diorshow Lash Extension effect Volume Mascara in Pro Blue

Love them already …..

and  I thought I would do a little polyvore edit with some beauty that is bedazzling me

Birthday wish list


So have a great Beginning of the week …..


  1. stashy

    That Too Faced pouch. You MUST have that! It’s perfection.
    And Guerlain bronzer is beautiful. That reminds me, I should use mine more!
    Maybe I get you an EYELASH CURLER, hmm? So you can maximize your lashes with that Dior mascara! 💡

    1. Cat Forsley

      i missed You xo !!!!!
      please Make a tutorial
      you know with your graphics ?
      From now on
      Only blue mascaras …….
      Ya know …
      I think it’s Gonna be one of my Things ….
      and yeah usually Not a Big TOO FACED maniac But Tofu said that Pouch IS CUTE XO
      Love xo

      1. stashy

        I tried blue mascara and it didn’t work for me! I’m too dark and blue looks WEIRD. It’s perfect for you! Totally updated 80s look!
        Nah, I don’t do tutorials… too difficult to create graphics! I link you to a YT video, how about that? 😉
        Does Tofu have a girlfriend? ❤

        1. Cat Forsley

          he is like the lady gaga of chihuahuas ….xo Lol
          he loves all doggies and is VERY FLAMBOYANT with his love
          maybe he got that from me ?
          or maybe he was BORN THIS WAY lol
          i am INTO GAGA … can you tell ?
          yeah send me a VID
          yes to updated 80’S ….. XO

  2. vchristiane4gmailcom

    Those Geurlain Pearls look amazing to me! However so does the new Bottle of AngelMuse! My sister and I both being fragrance Greeks I personally have not used any of the Alien^Angel fragrances however she feels that Angel far outweighs Alien – personal preference!

  3. MyStyleInsideOut

    Your wishlist looks lovely! And your special day is fast approaching too! Happy Birthday in Advance gorgeous Cat!😍🎉🎂

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