Birthday Wishlist!

Hello BeYouties !

It’s Love Month

My Favourite Month

even though Toronto Has seen No Natural light ……

I have not done a Wishlist in Forever …..

And My Birthday is on the 15th …

So YAH !

I already had 2 great recommendations last week

From Nina Westbury + Dave Lackie 

and so I got myself a little birthday beauty – PRE ….

Now I cannot wait to show You these ….

Light permitting ….

They are both Gorgeous ….

I have fallen in Love …

Nina + Dave Make great recommendations …

BURBERRY liquid Lip Velvet in 021 – Primrose

Such a fresh and Yummy blue toned pink


DIOR Diorshow Lash Extension effect Volume Mascara in Pro Blue

Love them already …..

and  I thought I would do a little polyvore edit with some beauty that is bedazzling me

Birthday wish list


So have a great Beginning of the week …..


  1. Belinda Laurie

    I love how that toofaced set has a pouch that kinda looks like someone’s pooch…just saying. Like how CUTE is that??!

  2. stashy

    That Too Faced pouch. You MUST have that! It’s perfection.
    And Guerlain bronzer is beautiful. That reminds me, I should use mine more!
    Maybe I get you an EYELASH CURLER, hmm? So you can maximize your lashes with that Dior mascara! 💡

    1. Cat Forsley

      i missed You xo !!!!!
      please Make a tutorial
      you know with your graphics ?
      From now on
      Only blue mascaras …….
      Ya know …
      I think it’s Gonna be one of my Things ….
      and yeah usually Not a Big TOO FACED maniac But Tofu said that Pouch IS CUTE XO
      Love xo

      1. stashy

        I tried blue mascara and it didn’t work for me! I’m too dark and blue looks WEIRD. It’s perfect for you! Totally updated 80s look!
        Nah, I don’t do tutorials… too difficult to create graphics! I link you to a YT video, how about that? 😉
        Does Tofu have a girlfriend? ❤

        1. Cat Forsley

          he is like the lady gaga of chihuahuas ….xo Lol
          he loves all doggies and is VERY FLAMBOYANT with his love
          maybe he got that from me ?
          or maybe he was BORN THIS WAY lol
          i am INTO GAGA … can you tell ?
          yeah send me a VID
          yes to updated 80’S ….. XO

  3. vchristiane4gmailcom

    Those Geurlain Pearls look amazing to me! However so does the new Bottle of AngelMuse! My sister and I both being fragrance Greeks I personally have not used any of the Alien^Angel fragrances however she feels that Angel far outweighs Alien – personal preference!

  4. MyStyleInsideOut

    Your wishlist looks lovely! And your special day is fast approaching too! Happy Birthday in Advance gorgeous Cat!😍🎉🎂

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