The Lip Lab – Bite Beauty

Hello BeYouties!

I had the very best experience at Bite Beauty’s Lip Lab in Toronto.

Combining the art & science of creating personalized Lipsticks .

This was probably one of the best days of the year so far…

I had written in My 2017 Goals that I wanted to focus on experiential blogging –

This is what I call Creativity to the max!

When I wrote about The Lip Pencil in My Last post – I knew I was going to book an appointment right away!

I do things when I want and at my own speed this year.

Big changes …

SO !!!


Here we Go!

My heart did a few flips the moment I got there.

Look at all those natural pigments!

Bite Beauty Lab

This is Austen –

The Lip Lab Artist that was such a pleasure to collaborate with.

I gave him colour ideas and it was pretty poetic as we went on a colour journey together .

Austen Lab Artist Bite Beauty

Remember – everything Bite Beauty is food grade …

All these pigments are derived from Nature.


I am always drawn to Pinks and Brights and what we ended up calling Happy colours.


First we started in the Pink Family.

Mixing Colour - Bite Beauty -

With My experience I chose to have 2 lipsticks created and so Pinks first …

I wanted something that was obviously very ME…

This is the whole point right!

I wanted a Luminous finish for both.

He wrote notes as we talked further about colour and I tried so many shades as he created and mixed.

And then there was wine …

Lipsticl and wine -

Once I chose My perfect pink – which I call – ALL LOVE … – Obviously !!!

We went into Reds !

Austen was very patient with me as i am very picky when it comes to Reds.

As a Fair and very light Blonde – I needed it to have a blue undertone –

but not too blue….

Here are what I call the lip slides

The shades on the right are the final shades

Lip slides -

Of course I kept these …

The Notes are adorable.

We called my red – Cat Attack ….!!!!

Austen was so much fun and has such a playful sense of humour.

After I customized My shades

More artistry & science

Austen with the Centrifuge ….

Lip Lab -

At This point I was making him giggle with way too many questions …

Look at His smile …

Officially Mind Blown at this point ..

Then I was asked what scent I wanted for each lipstick

For The Pink – Citrus Mango


For The Red – Cherry


This Part of the experience blows my mind

The science and creation …

Lip Lab Molding -

Lipsticks in Mold -

Then Austen Left and went upstairs to put these gorgeous babies into their magnetic enclosed cases…

I looked around….


Love this !!!!!

Bite Lip Lab ....

Absolute Fascination ….

Then Austen Came back and more TADA

I had told the team that this was a birthday gift to myself but I did not expect my initials …

I swooned just a tad…

I think I was trembling at this point ….

This photo does not do the colours justice …

My Lipsticks -

Just Wow …

Then I went home – Sigh …..

The cutest bag on the planet and the lip cookIe I will KEEP FOREVER ….

The cutest bag on Earth -

Here are my shades ….

I took these photos last night before bed – so …. lighting …. Not Great …

Customized -

They smell & Look amazing and It will be a little while until I swatch them …

They are just so Beautiful …..

So …

Would i recommend this experience ….

Hell Yeah !

To me this was way more fun than getting my hair done – nails – any of that ….

or any birthday wish list I could make ..

I was part of the creative process.

That’s what Makes it Magical …

I also received a Lip Lab Exclusive Lip Kit which I will get into Post Birthday !!!

or …. I may post it on Instagram… or Both !!!!

Thanks so Much To The Lip Lab on Queen !

I had the best Time xo




Cat !!!


See You Soony !





  1. Wow, you are FAST! Did you even sleep last night? 😉
    Haha you and Austen went on a colour journey together? XD Was it spiritual?
    It totally was like a chemistry class with mad ! Lip slides: “Cat attack” is awesome! So perfect! 😆
    That lipstick tissue paper – such attention to detail!
    What a special way to treat yourself for your birthday! One more day…. 😉
    Happy Valentine’s Day!!! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. not too much sleeping these days my stashy …
      maybe this weekend xxx
      look at the sunshine my sweet !
      it was VERY SPIRITUAL …. how did you know ? xxxx
      colour theory + wine makes for a spiritual experience xo
      Love YOU XO
      I took out the lipsticks last night and sniffed them ….Lol
      YUMMY xo
      maybe wear them next week ? they need to breathe xo

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This is SO cool! Sounds like an awesome experience and I love that they personalized the lipstick for you! I just tried their new lip pencils and lipstick combo and I’m in love!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Omg, love everything about the post! I think its one of my faves – you can feel the LIP ADDICTION! 🙂
    Love the names you came up with! Colors! I can only imagine how amazing they smell! Love love love!!!! ❤

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Such a teaser! You are really not going to give us even a little swatch? Not one tiny itty bitty swatchy?? 😥
    That sounds like it was heaven!! Such an amazing experience!
    And I love the names you chose!! That was a perfect way to celebrate your birthday month! It all looked fantastic!
    Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Happy birthday lovely! The lippies you created are perfection and I can’t believe the bullet has your initials. So cool! Hope you are having a wonderful day 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. AWWWWW well then You were xoxoxxoxoxxoxxoxoxxo i have YET TO SWATCH THEM ,,,,,, can you believe it …
      WHAT A NERD I AM …
      they are just too perfect to touch YET x
      Hope ur well xoxoxxo

      Liked by 1 person

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