Bye Bye February… Most Reached For

Okay BeYouties !

Last Post for February …..

Product wise – It was not a very glammy glam month!

I received a ton of glammy glam but I was too rushed to apply the glammy glam.


Belif Yup … this aqua bomb is for lack of better words -the bomb

I have not quit on this baby and I adore …


Green Clean Love

Green Clean FARMACY Beauty

Just try and take this cleansing balm away from me


See How loved it is…….

Won’t stop!

Next up

A little cuteness from Miss Stash Matters 

So Long story short ….

I have been biting my nails since I was 7 years old

I no Longer bite my nails ….

Enter Magical Product

bite no more mla.jpg


I have No idea where She found this but I am telling you it works ….

It has strengthened my nails as well and I just don’t have the URGE to bite….

My Nails – That is …. 🙂

My nails are not Pretty yet ….

When they are – I will show you!

Thank You Stasheroo.

I had to keep that box …. too cute ….


Next –

Thursday Plantation - tea tree mla.jpg

Imagine there are random men in your place doing renos…

Hey they did a GREAT job but hey – they didn’t smell very good……


I had my diffusers on full throttle !!!

Tea Tree Oil  from Thursday Plantation really helps clean the air …

and believe me I DIFFUSED A TON ……

It’s antimicrobial and with the dust that was flying around …


I am on my 2nd bottle ……..

Onward ……

Angel Sucree -

This Gorgeous Scent is Gone Baby Gone ….

I am crying behind my screen ….

Angel Eau Sucrée Mugler

A much Lighter & sparklier version of the Original Angel…

This bottle is so beautiful I will always cherish it!

A Waterfall of tears …..


Musical intermission ….


I love this song !

Onto the last products ….

FEB faves


Why such large text you ask ….

Well No matter WHAT I always use these …..

They keep me feeling like a unicorn …….

Thanks Merch Nerds for the unicorn T ….

I have been wearing it ….. Maybe a tad too much 🙂 wink ..🦄

Heritage Store Rosewater & Glycerin face mist

I have NO idea when I got this ….

It’s a great basic every day rose mist ….

I like !

And last but not least these lipsticks …Bite Beauty HoneyComb and Whiskey

I have never used 2 colours so much in 1 month ….

Look how messed up they look ….:)

I would rather call them LOVED……

So That is IT for FEBRUARY ……….

Cheers Loudly ….

What a Month ……….

Thanks for reading guys xo

And Happy almost March




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  1. Of COURSE the Aqua Bomb is DA BOMB! 😉
    And YAY! I’m really glad the Bite No More helped you! I bought it from Sally Beauty Supply! 🙂
    I agree, Guerlain Meteorite makes me feel like a UNICORN too! I went to a fancy dinner about 2 weeks ago and dusted that on my face. Makes me wonder why I don’t use it more often! ❤
    Onward to MARCH! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. that little bottle o magic … more biting .NAILS …………
      How crazy is that …..
      i just noticed on the back this morning that it says 3 months ….
      it was destined ….
      probably to the day lol
      the way things happen ………….
      Spring into march babes ….
      ready xoxoxxoxxo
      THAN YOU ….
      lol xo


  2. Ha ha. You made me laugh several times during the post :)) and the men with their BO hahaha, nothing that tea tree oil cant fix! (even my cold sore)

    Hello to March (month of huge changes for me) which I’m sure is gonna be even better to you than Jan and Feb xoxoxox

    Love ya, unicorn Cat and see you very soon! I need my Cat fix ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. love you too miss g …
      it’s no longer just g
      You are French now in my heart

      I see travel for you soon xoxoxoxoxxo
      i really do … xo
      I love you and yes – NO MORE B.O.
      your unicorn

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  3. Lovely products with a high cute index!
    Bite beauty lipsticks are the best of the best! And I feel like I can never put down my rose water & glycerin spray! I even carry a travel size in my purse!
    I agree with everyone, this was such a happy post!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. lol Musical Intermission – that was great!

    I used up my jar of the Belief Aqua Bomb and I am missing it – I need to get a refill stat. Such good stuff.

    That unicorn tee is adorbs! xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

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