Charlotte Tilbury – Revolutionary Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask – A Review

Hiya BeYouties!

Last week a Gorgeous PR Package came in from the One & Only Charlotte Tilbury. I was a Tad excited!

I don’t own very much of her makeup but swoon often!

Included in this gorgeousness

Her NEW Revolutionary Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask which is what I am focusing on today.

I opened it before going out on Saturday Night.

Her packaging is just too lovely.

What it is.

“Darlings, this is the dry mask of the future! My revolutionary Instant Magic Facial DRY Sheet Face Mask features ingredients which are clinically proven* to reduce wrinkles, smooth, brighten, lift and hydrate your skin exactly where it needs it. This could make all of your magic skin wishes come true!


•Get glowing red-carpet-ready skin in just 15 minutes!

•It is a DRY textile mask with active ingredients imprinted on it and because it is dry, it doesn’t harbor bacteria, so you can wear this up to 3 TIMES!

•This unique DRY sheet mask is like nothing you’ve tried before! It has an in-built technological 5 Skin Solution IQ which tailors to your skin, feeding it exactly what it needs.

•Bio-mimetic revolutionary system gives a prolonged release of the ingredients, giving it time to immerse into your complexion.

•The higher content of active ingredients means that the effects of the mask last for up to 8 HOURS!

•Ideal if you want gorgeous, glowing HD camera-ready skin that is hydrated and revitalized.”

Love Her Logo All over it!

You can use the mask up to three times

which i am totally happy about.


1. To use, place the mask over your face, using the ear loops to fasten it around your ears.

2. Massage the mask for a few minutes to activate the ingredients onto your skin.

3. Leave for 15 minutes – whether you relax or multi-task, the dry formula means you can get gorgeous skin on the go! No more wet formulas!

4. Remove the mask and replace in its packet so you can use it again.

Charlotte Tilbury - New Dry Sheet Mask.jpg

My Experience with This Mask

It’s Quite futuristic and I walked around doing normal stuff for about 15 minutes whilst the mask did its thing.

I could feel the ingredients sink in right away.

There was no tingle factor and it was quite comfortable.

If You want to read about the Ingredients

Click Here

Upon removal My skin looked very luminous – almost like I had highlighted my skin on the high points of my face.

My skin felt plumped and softened.

There was no residue on my skin.

The Man that I am dating noticed that something was Different.

And I had no makeup on .

It’s definitely a Luxury mask and it’s something that I would use before going out for immediate effects as the results are just That.

Would I recommend it?

YES ….

It’s Luxe and non messy and it works ….

Glow Glow Glow.!

I adore !


All Love


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*PR Samples for review purposes and as always all views are my own



    1. I went to Holts on the weekend before trying it to investigate …
      you can do a one pack – or a 4 pack
      I think I am Gonna invest in a 4 pack
      cuz that’s a 12 uses – in one pack ….xxx
      so good xo

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  1. Lucky you getting charlotte Tilbury Pr!!! These look lovely and I’m definitely intrigued that they are dry! The price tag does put me off a little bit but I do love her brand so maybe I need to try one out! Xxx

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    1. I don’t like soppy wet masks xo u know
      so this is so perfect
      HER products are magical really
      I don’t really understand all the science but it’s a comfy mask that Luminized my skin in 15 mins ?
      amazing x
      I hope ur well xoxoxxoxxoxxoxoxxo
      C xo

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  2. Very cool that’s its dry. I’m curious to see how on earth this actually works so I think I’ll have to pick it up and see if I can get the same results

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  3. A dry mask? How different! I thought it was a single-use product. So neat that it can be used 3 times per mask.
    I personally love masks with ear loops – haha! I’m super curious about this now – how does the DRY ingredient go on your face? Is your face completely dry / clean before you use it? Is the mask stretchy? So many questions…
    If The Man noticed something… then you KNOW there’s a difference. Mine doesn’t notice if I have makeup on or not. 😛

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    1. You massage the mask into your skin – read back silly xo
      ITS MAGIC !!!!!!!
      yes it’s stretchy because who has the same size facial dimensions
      You can actually use it over makeup – on the weekend thats what the ct lady told me
      I wouldn’t though as it would wreck the mask ..
      massage gently
      WALK AROUND or do anything normal without a dripping mess !
      and then 15 mins later
      GLOW CAT xo
      Oh yeah He noticed ….
      Stashy I really do Not understand the science
      xo I just know I love it xo


    2. ALL the questions. I forgot to mention that I thought it was so cool that you can use the mask THREE TIMES. So…technically the mask isn’t expensive, it’s environmentally friendly. Save all the trees! *thrusts fist in air*

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      1. i like the three time thing
        and because it’s dry – the mask doesn’t look gross – SO SCIENTIFIC lol
        after using xo
        it’s totally great to fold back and keep for the next time
        IT hurt me to open it for the first time though
        eeek xo

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  4. What a cool concept – awesome that you’re actually seeing results with it too, I don’t always find that sheet masks work for me.

    The mask itself looks a little Michael Meyers-esque! hee hee! 😉

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