LISAP Top Care Hydra Care – Hair Care – A Review

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I don’t know about you but I am so sick of Winter and the effects on skin, hair …. Hooded coat everyday ….!!!!!

It soon will be over!

Today I have a review of a lovely line of hair care from .

A Little Bit about the brand


The LISAP collection of hair color and treatment products has been created using the finest and gentlest ingredients in formulations designed to restore the hair’s natural balance and beauty.

Manufactured in Milan, Italy, Lisap has been creating hair care products for almost 60 years. Its certified and trained colorists work with salons to train their colorists in the use of Lisap hair color and treatment products to ensure perfect results each and every time.

So Let’s Go through each product shall we !

Hydra Care Was Created for hair that is frequently washed and styled.

Its Formula is enriched with Papyrus extract,  Ceramide A2, and the perfect balance of nutrients to ensure the hair is nourished and exceptionally soft.

Their Hydra Care Complex is formulated to seal raised hair cuticles that have been damaged.

Papyrus is rich in minerals, sugar and hydrating agents.

Wakame is a Japanese extract rich in vitamins and minerals

Ceramide A2 Strengthens and restores cellular cohesion to maximize the hair structure, leaving it stronger and more vibrant .

My thoughts on each product

Hydra Care Nourishing Shampoo

Very Light scent and lathers up nicely. I can definitely feel that salon vibe to each of these products.  I use a dime sized amount and rinses easily.

 Hydra Care  Nourishing Conditioner

Light Floral scent and creamy. I only use it on my ends as my hair tends to weigh down easily.

My hair has grown so much since my last CHOP before Christmas and this really seems to seal the ends.

Hydra Care Nourishing cream

This is a really interesting product. I use a bit all over and run a comb through my hair before drying.  It is a cream product and acts as a leave in conditioner. All of these products have a similar light scent and out of the 4 – I think this one is my favourite.

Hydra Care Nourishing Mask

This is Really nice .

I have tried it a few different ways. I did an all over hair mask and left it on for about 3 hours.

After – My hair was smooth and after leaving it to air dry, I could definitely feel increased softness and see heightened shine.

I have a lot of naturally blonde hair but again it’s fine.

So I am always surprised when Hair products don’t leave my hair heavy or flat.

I also used it overnight and just wrapped my hair in a towel.

Washing it away in the morning and Not shampooing after.

Smoothened and No need to Go crazy on products afterwards .

I like hair products that reduce the amount of time I have to spend on my hair.

This line is great and if you have hair that is on the drier side that needs some TLC-

I highly recommend!

Lisap is also Cruelty free!

Hope You enjoyed my review and as always thanks for dropping by xo

All love xo


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*PR Samples for review purposes – As always these are My Opinions

Thanks to Shrenk PR


  1. This looks lovely – I especially like the sound Hydra Care Nourishing Shampoo – I love a good lather! I wash my hair daily or else it’s a pathetic limp mess. 😛
    You left a hair mask for 3 hours! 😮 I need to try doing that. I only leave it masks on for 5 mins (in the shower) and rinse out.
    So great to support Canadian brands! 🙂 I’ll keep an eye out for this.

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  2. I love Lisap Hair care! This one is especially nice and my fave! smell really amazing and the results are wonderful like you said. Love the overnight wrap in a towel bit. Never tried that before! 🙂 Beautiful review love! 🙂

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