Hard Candy Summer Collection – A review

Hi Guys ! Today I have a review on Hard Candy’s summer collection for 2017

So As You guys know I am always super honest with my reviews

Being Authentic is So Important to me

So in saying this I am only going to review a few of these products as the other ones just did not work for me at all.  Hey It happens and being honest and transparent is so vital.

So let’s get into what I do like ….

What Works


What it is

“Baking” is a makeup artist technique that prevents creasing and gives a natural radiance to your undereye area.
5 minutes to day-long perfection! 🍌


My Thoughts 

As a Finishing powder it’s a great brightener. It’s finely milled and just adds a bit of radiance on top of everything. I have pink undertones in my skin so this neutralizes it. I don’t Bake my makeup on a day to day basis so I wouldn’t be using it for this. Again – As a Finishing powder it’s good .

This could be compared to Ben Nye Banana Powder in concept.


What it is

WETEVER – Shade – Genius


Bold hybrid lip lacquer that combines the long wearing properties of a liquid lipstick with the shine and hydration of a lip gloss.

With an opaque formula that is both hydrating and not sticky, it is always comfortable and never drying on your lips.

My Thoughts 

Shade is comparable to Kat Von D’s Lolita – Her 1st one. Texture is nice enough and glossy. Lasts a few hours on the lips.  Almost No scent. This would be a fun colour for fall. I tend to stick to brights or pale nudes in the summer.  If You are into a Glossy version of Lolita this would be it.


What It is 

Stroke of Gorgeous Kajal Supreme eyeliner duo

This dual-ended eyeliner equips you with both a soft kajal eyeliner and an ultra-black long-wearing liquid liner: everything you need for perfect eyeliner every time.

Glide on the soft kohl kajal along the lash line’s inner rim and smudge to fade around the edges.

Then, line top lash line with the blackest black, precision tip liquid liner for eye-popping drama!

My thoughts 
I like the felt tip side way better than the Kajal side. The Kajal side breaks easily so don’t press too hard. The felt tip side is fun and lasts about 6 hours and can be worn in a ton of ways.  It’s not waterproof but it is smudgeproof.
And lastly
What it is
Lip Artiste in shade Pink to Mauve
Lip Artiste is our Lip Contouring Wand! 💋
This CONTOUR + HIGHLIGHTING duo is designed to enhance the appearance of lip shape and size.
1. Matte lip contour pencil revises lip shape and creates shadows.
2. Iridescent highlight enlarges the appearance of light on your pout.
My Thoughts 
I really Like the highlight side and the plummy shade is pretty enough. The staying power on this is just ok obviously as it’s glossy. I started using the highlight shade on its own because it’s more summer and out of all of these products I think it’s the most fun.
The other products which include eyeshadow, a green colour corrector cushion wand, a colour correcting finishing powder and a highlight did not work for me at all. I really wanted them to!  They just didn’t.  I wanted to focus on the positives in this collection and I did just that.  Would I continue to wear this product? Probably not if I am being FULLY honest.  It’s Just not my taste .
Have You guys tried anything from Hard Candy?
I Would love to know Your thoughts!
Hard Candy is available at Walmart
Thanks for dropping by
*PR Samples sent for review purposes and opinions are my own

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22 thoughts on “Hard Candy Summer Collection – A review

  1. I really like how you compared the products to other popular, pricier items. Very helpful!

    As for the kajal liner, it originates from India and is meant to be very soft, by nature. It’s great for super black pigment and then smoked out. The softness allows for it to be manipulated really easily for that ‘smokey’ effect 🙂 Did you find this Hard Candy one to be really pigmented? I’m not a fan of kajal liners just because my allergies require my eye products to be bullet proof haha

  2. It’s super helpful to be totally honest in reviews – you’re saving us money! Also, sometimes what doesn’t work for you may be someone else’s favourite product! We’re all so different in our skin and needs.
    I’ve heard good things about the Hard Candy liquid lipsticks – that colour is so wearable!
    That lip transformation thing is so FUN! Personally I wouldn’t use it but it’s a neat idea.
    Hard Candy is a brand for young kids who are just starting out with makeup! I think the quality they offer is in line with their low price point. 😛 I only own a couple of their nail polishes…

    1. oh i know but unless the product works for me – as this is my job – i am not going to take hours taking photos of it trying to make it work .,, you know – yeah it’s comparable to Claire’s in quality …… 🙂

  3. I agree, I liked some of the items but not others! I think it would be very helpful if you also posted about the items you didn’t like and why you didn’t like it!

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