Beauty Podcast Episode 22

Hey Guys


EPISODE 22 is up – It’s been since the end of March since anything has aired …. Shrugs shoulders – LIFE – yes Life xo !!!!!!

Dal Creator of  is back – Some of you may remember she was my first guest in June 2016.  From 1 to 22 so much has changed – Obviously.  Stashy is on vacation Hi Stashy!

So welcome back DAL and Cheers Guys xxx

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I’ve Got a fabulous guest all ready to air on August 2nd so stay tuned!

and If You would like to be a guest – please use my contact page and write me through that 🙂

THANKS DAL xo again – This is so much fun for me – !!!!!! To shine Light on Light

That’s what it’s all about xo

All love



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Hi! My name is Cat and i am immersed in all things Beauty! With a strong background in Music and all of the arts: I thrive on Beauty and am inspired and enthralled by it. I am a Mom and a freelance blogger/ content creator From SPA and wellness, Style to Fragrance, Skincare to selfcare - I want to write about it! pr/ business emails - Thanks Cat

22 thoughts on “ Beauty Podcast Episode 22

    1. Great job babes
      can’t believe how SMOOTH 🙂
      so many IG STORIES
      Hello so tired xoxoxxoxxo
      i am going to bed in like an hour
      THANKS and Happy 2 years to LBL XXXXXXXXXX

  1. Love the cute graphics!!! And yay, a new podcast – all your listeners have been waiting and waiting! 😉
    Crazy how time flies – it seems so long ago that Dal was on your first podcast! 😮
    Me no show my face… but you know ME, I exist in real life! 😀
    I love how you rant about Facebook in almost every podcast 😆
    Yes I’m still on VACAY! ❤ Haha no pressure for me to come back and post all my purchases… HINT: I succumbed to one of my "temptations" 😉

    1. “i’ll be back ” seriously wing woman remember
      so special xxxxx
      so GLAD U ON VACAY
      i think i will do that when dj goes back to school and run away FAR lol
      maybe you got something CHARLOTTE ?
      You are real life and you know what – reminded of all the cheezy moments all at once
      the beauty of individuality and diversity xx it rocks my heart xxx
      #asdoyou #extracheese
      #cannotevenspellanymore lol
      facebook is just slow for me or maybe i was on it too much like 2008 – 2011 FB RIP
      22 is a special number yeah look it up xxx
      LOVE to the stasheroo always and always
      unconditional xxx

  2. I’m tuning in tonight! Excited that you are back…..I’m so bored with podcasts, I need something refreshing and here you are…right on time ❤️

    1. awwwwww xxx write me an email this weekend ok xxxx it has been a crazy week xo my weekend starts now xo another podcast next week 2 events yesterday and a giveaway plus LIFE LOVE YA

    1. i think LE STASHY will come back soon – who knows right > Lol
      yes with Dal xxx another episode next week and
      Yah stashy maybe in the fall she will be back ? xxx

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