Beauty Podcast Episode 22

Hey Guys


EPISODE 22 is up – It’s been since the end of March since anything has aired …. Shrugs shoulders – LIFE – yes Life xo !!!!!!

Dal Creator of  is back – Some of you may remember she was my first guest in June 2016.  From 1 to 22 so much has changed – Obviously.  Stashy is on vacation Hi Stashy!

So welcome back DAL and Cheers Guys xxx

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I’ve Got a fabulous guest all ready to air on August 2nd so stay tuned!

and If You would like to be a guest – please use my contact page and write me through that 🙂

THANKS DAL xo again – This is so much fun for me – !!!!!! To shine Light on Light

That’s what it’s all about xo

All love



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    1. Cat Forsley

      Great job babes
      can’t believe how SMOOTH 🙂
      so many IG STORIES
      Hello so tired xoxoxxoxxo
      i am going to bed in like an hour
      THANKS and Happy 2 years to LBL XXXXXXXXXX

  1. stashy

    Love the cute graphics!!! And yay, a new podcast – all your listeners have been waiting and waiting! 😉
    Crazy how time flies – it seems so long ago that Dal was on your first podcast! 😮
    Me no show my face… but you know ME, I exist in real life! 😀
    I love how you rant about Facebook in almost every podcast 😆
    Yes I’m still on VACAY! ❤ Haha no pressure for me to come back and post all my purchases… HINT: I succumbed to one of my "temptations" 😉

    1. Cat Forsley

      “i’ll be back ” seriously wing woman remember
      so special xxxxx
      so GLAD U ON VACAY
      i think i will do that when dj goes back to school and run away FAR lol
      maybe you got something CHARLOTTE ?
      You are real life and you know what – reminded of all the cheezy moments all at once
      the beauty of individuality and diversity xx it rocks my heart xxx
      #asdoyou #extracheese
      #cannotevenspellanymore lol
      facebook is just slow for me or maybe i was on it too much like 2008 – 2011 FB RIP
      22 is a special number yeah look it up xxx
      LOVE to the stasheroo always and always
      unconditional xxx

  2. hippylip

    I’m tuning in tonight! Excited that you are back…..I’m so bored with podcasts, I need something refreshing and here you are…right on time ❤️

    1. Cat Forsley

      awwwwww xxx write me an email this weekend ok xxxx it has been a crazy week xo my weekend starts now xo another podcast next week 2 events yesterday and a giveaway plus LIFE LOVE YA

    1. Cat Forsley

      i think LE STASHY will come back soon – who knows right > Lol
      yes with Dal xxx another episode next week and
      Yah stashy maybe in the fall she will be back ? xxx

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