Beauty Podcast Episode 23

Happy AUGUST guys!!!

This week my guest on the Podcast is HUMJK- Humara ! 

She is a Mom of 2 and a lifestyle/ fashion blogger based in Toronto

She is a science NERD – like me – Check this out!!!!!!


She is also a Total Beauty and really has NO EGO ……… so RARE


We Finally Met LAST Thursday – at a gorgeous skincare event and it’s TRULY amazing when People are exactly the way they are online …. AUTHENTICITY …….HELLO!

Super warm hearted , cute as a bunny and very wise – Great Chat!!!

You Can Listen on


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Thanks to Humara for being such an amazing Guest




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Remember – If You would like to be a guest on my podcast – You can contact me here

5 thoughts on “ Beauty Podcast Episode 23

  1. stashy says:

    So interesting to learn more about Humjk! You can just tell she’s in marketing with all her social media stuff. 🙂
    I can’t imagine juggling everything – being a mom and blogging and doing all the social media stuff. Hehe now you two have met in the flesh, finally! 😀

    I didn’t go see the rubber duck either and I wished I did! 😛
    I’m addicted to foot masks! I’ll be on the look out for that Life Brand one. Peeling my feet is a guilty pleasure of mine! 😉
    I’m a fan of both macaron and macaroons! I’m a equal opportunist! 😆

    And YES, NEVER EVER ASK anyone if they’re preggos! *The horror!*
    “Be kind and shut your mouth!” Hahahaaa 😆

    Great podcast – just like listening to 2 friends chatting on the phone. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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