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Hi guys ! No Podcast again this week

I think I will start recording once my son goes back to school ….

so In lieu of this

I wanted to write a post about keeping a positive mindset

I think it starts FIRST thing when You wake .

Your heart is beating …. Isn’t it?!!!!

You are breathing yes ?

I have been an artist all my life –

poetry -prose- painting- music -activism and more music

Anything in the realm of art – I feel like I have done it

What does this have to do with having a positive mindset ?

Well I truly believe that self expression is one of the keys to feeling that spark in life.

I know that If I have not created something in a little while – I get restless

and my mind is hungry for something and it’s something I cannot quite put a finger on

Until I create something again .

A few Days ago someone contacted me regarding one of the pieces I had written and honestly I had not listened to it in Years….

Lately so much of the music and prose I have worked on has surfaced ….. I cannot explain – Sometimes things surface for a reason that cannot be explained ?

What struck me the most is that this was something that was 5 years old.

Here it is


Heart In a Day

I have so much material but for some reason this reminded me that

when I do live in my heart – from the heart – My Mindset is Positive.

I have always Believed that when I create from the heart – Stay there – within each moment of the day and night …….

Everything seems to run better –

And when I mean run I mean to say that my whole system – Mind – Body and Soul are clear.


It’s absolutely necessary to create….

to keep the mind curious and the imagination full to the brim .

I’m embedding Nida again – haha

I find she really motivates me and That’s a very good thing ….

So this is all to say that Keep Your Heart Open and full to the Brim with Love.

For me – I know that This way – I stay in a zone where I am limitless with my creativity and my heart stays open to all the wonder the World has to show us all.

I love Beth Orton and I hope You keep a smile on Your faces and a positive mindset =HEART XO

All love



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  1. stashy

    YES! I always try to have a positive attitude when I wake up. I get inspiration from doggies – do you ever notice how HAPPY they are to be alive in the mornings?!! πŸ˜€
    Creativity is bringing LIFE! ❀

    1. Cat Forsley

      honey I GUARANTEE YOU DO
      look at what YOU love xo
      it’s all there xo
      YOU WRITE first of all – that is self expression xo
      look at all the things you love and I know that all the keys to your talents ARE right there waiting xoxoxoxxoxo
      lots o love

  2. Timmy Paul

    I realized my passion for writing some months back. I started from Facebook and now into blogging. I’ve been facing difficulties because I have no laptop, only my phone. But I won’t give up writing. And this post has given hope.

  3. Nida Monis

    This is awesome cat. Having a passion for something totally changes the meaning of life. Love these positive messages by you! and thank you for embedding me. it means a lot to me.

      1. MyStyleInsideOut


  4. BestDayBlogger

    A very beautiful and uplifting post! Very positive and inspirational! I love your beautiful poem. So wonderful and very true. thank you for sharing. Amazing!!! Thank you. ❀️✨✨✨✨

    1. Cat Forsley

      SO glad xoxoxoxxoxxoxoxxoxoxoxxo πŸ™‚ happiness is much simpler than society tells us ……..
      it’s from within and you know this πŸ™‚ YOUR VOCATION XO hello xo
      i am Gonna start recording after labour day so if you wanna come on πŸ™‚ u know what my email is xo

      1. hippylip

        I agree 100%. It’s what we make of it right? I can’t wait to chat with you again ☺️. I’ll be back home on the 27th so perfect timing. I’ll email you.

  5. justnatoya

    You know how sometimes you just happen upon something and everything just CLICK! That’s what i’m experiencing at this moment. Thank you for sharing this post as creative person myself, I agree keeping a positive mindset is the foundation of overall wellness. I usually say THANK YOU the moment I wake and THANK YOU before I fall asleep. For, no matter what my day has brought like you mentioned in this post. I’m soooo very THANKFUL to be alive.

  6. Lona

    Love this post! We decide the moment we open our eyes…we are going to be happy and open for what the universe has to give, or we are going to be miserable and hate everyone and everything.
    I love to make people happy, so it makes me even more happy, and I also love being creative.
    Much love

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