HRH Beauty – My Experience – #Microblading

Hi Guys !

Hope You are all well !

I had the most wonderful experience on Friday and Seriously am so Happy I cannot contain it.

I went to HRH Beauty – (Her Royal Highness) LOVE IT! and had my eyebrows microbladed.

This is me a few hours before ….

As You guys can see – I HAD the most puny brows … HAD…. I am naturally blonde and  even when I used  eyebrow pencil- wax or any kind of product … They were still Whatever …. for lack of better words!


From HER Site

“Also known as eyebrow embroidery, 3D feathering and semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo, is the hottest and latest beauty trend hitting North America and Toronto!  These semi-permanent eyebrow tattoos of individual hair strokes are applied by HRH Beauty’s expert artist in order to create the most realistic and natural looking eyebrows. We only use 100% plant-based vegan pigments that are hypoallergenic. We at HRH Beauty can customize your brows to your face shape, hair colour and hair thickness to achieve that glamorous desirable look you have always wanted!

As you know, eyebrows are one of the most important features of your face. They frame the face and instantly give your face life! Want to wake up feeling beautiful and looking alive everyday without the need for make-up? Microblading is a no-fuss worry-free option. Now you can workout, go swimming, wash your face and take a shower without worrying about your eyebrows rubbing off! Say good-bye to that eyebrow pencil forever!”



No. I have had a child! Emergency C-section. Enough Said!

She did use a numbing agent though.  The space is lovely and warm and Sally is a true artist.

Here is a little bit of info about Sally.

“HRH Beauty’s owner and beauty curator, Sally is a licensed health professional and artist.  After 15 years in the dental industry, she felt it was time to branch out and start a career in her true life’s passion.

Since she was a very young girl, Sally has been obsessed with beauty and fashion.  You will often hear her joke that her favourite novels to read are fashion magazines! Sally has always been a stickler for detail, which is why she has always performed at the top of her class in piano, art, science and dentistry. She is the recipient of many prestigious awards in her former disciplines.

Sally’s love for the arts and beauty has never dissipated. If you get a chance to visit Sally at her stationary location, you will most likely find a number of her paintings and other artwork hanging on the walls. In fact, she was selected to have her artwork showcased and displayed at art exhibits held in Ontario and is one of the chosen artists to have their work displayed in one of UK’s most prestigious online art galleries to be seen across the globe.

Due to Sally’s innate artistic abilities and fine attention to detail, her mission is to provide her clients with the most realistic and beautiful results as possible.  After 15 years of working in such small confined spaces, there is no one better who has finer dexterity and magical hands as Sally to provide you with the results you have always desired!”

We discussed colour, shape – style of brow. I came in with a few ideas but here is what Happened.



The whole process took about 2 hrs but felt like two minutes. We chatted the whole time and on a scale of  1-10 – pain wise – I was at a Negative 1.  It just feels a bit like little scrapes. Nothing to write home about.

It was super relaxing and I was so excited to see my brows come to life.





And just a little while after getting home

I had to add the Cat Filter …

Final Thoughts .

I have no final thoughts !!!!! I feel like writing and writing and TALKING AND TALKING SOME more. What I am the most excited about is the fact that I will save SO MUCH TIME – and NO MORE EYE PENCILS ……. They liven up my face and I told Sally that I feel like she really refreshed me.  I cannot wait to get dramatic with the smokey eyes now … I am beyond Happy and want to Thank Sally – HRH Beauty for the most amazing experience and results …

You can connect with her on




She offers so Many other services as well .

I am so very amazed !!!

Giving my face a little down time and cannot wait to show them OFF!



All Love


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*This service was Gratis and as always these are my opinions 



  1. Hum JK

    wow! What an awesome transformation! Your brows look amazing! She did a great job. If I were to get it done, this post really helps for those who are on the fence and scared.. xo

  2. stashy

    You totally DO look like Kim Basinger! ❤
    I need to do this! I have sparse eyebrows too. Not sure who my celeb target would be… 😆
    Sally is such a doll! 🙂 I like your bio about her too.

    1. Cat Forsley

      SHE IS A DOLL …
      you would adore her
      listen email me and maybe i can introduce you guys 🙂 I connected with her at Just for styles event fundraiser 🙂
      Stashy No pain – that was friday this is tues ……
      i’m keeping her after care on my fridge and doing everything she says ….
      that METICULOUS nature ……
      that’s her and That is SO RARE
      love you tons
      see i came in with ideas like Nicole kidman or charlize but she totally looks at the face in such an amazing way xo

      i am totally HAPPPPPPPY XO

  3. dayana

    Absolutely gorgeous! Love the results. You look even better than before! I saw that she does lash lifts as well those look cool too, maybe when I get a part time job I’ll check her out 😆

  4. BestDayBlogger

    WOWWOWOW! LOVE THE EYEBROWS! Amazing! Really incredible blog post! Love all the videos you added! So wonderful Cat and I love the way your eyebrows look so beautiful and natural. Really love blog post and totally amazing. Might I add that i love how cute your nose is. LOL too cute. 😀 Much love and happiness. Love your work Cat and you Inspire me! Much beauty happening on your blog. Woo Hoo!

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