A New Audio Book is Coming!

Happy almost weekend beautiful people

As Some of you guys know – I am an artist and fell into Beauty blogging about 2 years ago.

At the end of 2013 I published an audio book called 100 Days Of Love

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One of my Summer Goals for this year was to write a new book to put to audio and I am so excited to say that It’s ready to record and I will be doing that this weekend.

It will probably be ready and published by Christmas and is completely different than the first.

100 Days Of Love is romantic prose with a Utopian undertone.

The New one – which shall remain nameless until it’s published is a bit sharper in tone and is reflective of the social climate we live in.  It’s still prose but less dreamy – for lack of better words.

When it’s ready I will be adding it to catforsley.com .

I hope You all have a fabulous weekend

All love



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14 thoughts on “A New Audio Book is Coming!

  1. How amazing! We’re about to do some driving and decided to try listening to an audiobook – we’ve never listened to one before! We’re thinking something from Malcolm Gladwell. 😉
    Looking forward to your yet unnamed book! ❤

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