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Lifestyle fun today … And about a Canadian Brand I’ve been obsessed with since forever.

Nuworld Botanicals 

Creating zen- what I call zen is so Important to me. Making My home as soul soothing as possible is a Huge priority. The Busy-ness of life, motherhood and even our social climate can weigh me down easily and I am a person that needs to tune out and refocus again and again.


Aromatherapy is a MUST

Certain combinations of essential oils have different effects and I find that fascinating .


Lavender = Pure relaxation

Frankincense = Comfort

Lavender + Frankincense = Meditation/ Sleep

Peppermint = Invigorates the mind

What I love most about these oils from NuWorld– is that they continuously Zen me out. They take me out of Busy Brain land. We all know that place. As a person who believes in the power of positive thinking: it’s so very important that my thoughts are positive. Thoughts Create our Reality don’t they?

They do!

Enter these Gorgeous Hydrosols.

I have a THING for face mists and use them all day. Rose is Pure Moisture for the face and the scent obviously is Heavenly.


Neroli Nourishes and Heals the skin.

Nuworld has so much to offer those who love to meditate, zen out and keep a positive mindset.

You can find them in Oakville, Ontario – The Blending Bar

Where everything is hand crafted

(I have body balms to talk about soon ! wink)

At Chapters Indigo


All Love


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Thanks To Nuworld !!!!!!


    1. I know I missed THEM SO much
      I burned out my diffuser this summer from leaving it on all night – many nights in a row
      FRANKINCENSE is soooo Good – I had never diffused that x

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  1. Woohoo, NuWorld is back, baby! ❤
    Hmm the Lavender + Frankincense would be super Zen!
    I don't think I've seen another facial mist containing neroli before – sounds great.

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  2. Lavender and peppermint essential oils are my favorite Cedar is a close favorite as well. Great post, I totally agree that at times we need to refocus and replenish our souls.

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