Why I Started Blogging ✨✨✨

Hi Guys!

A little something different today.  I wanted to start off saying Thanks to The Prep Guy for motivating me to do this. Whilst reading his Very poignant post: I wondered why I had never written about this.

So Thanks Syed Sohail 


So Mylipaddiction.com became a blog in late February 2015. I had been blogging on my now static site catforsley.com. 

Those posts are searchable but not obvious anymore. I sometimes look back at them for inspiration.

There- I was “blogging” prose, music, art – and it was a place where I would just WRITE.

Some of You may or may not know (I don’t know)!  that I have been an artist all of my life. I will not write my life story as that would be crazy long and full of twists and turns- ha!

My whole life has been intertwined with all arts and humanities. Let’s rewind to 2015 though. One day I may go further back!  At that time my son was 11, I was in a band called As City Rumbles Underneath (dream pop and still very active- hello music licensing and digital downloads).

I have worked on music all of my life. I started on piano and voice at a very young age and the passion grew and grew. I have done so many cds – honestly at this point I don’t even want to count.


Here are a few songs that I wrote when I was writing alone and in a phase where I considered myself a Love Activist. Funny right! I am still the same woman I just don’t give myself a title. I just share Love and will always . These were written on a little macbook and still carry a lot of memories for me.


I started my everything is beautiful blog because as a little girl I was immersed in fashion and beauty. My one and only grandmother put me on the runway at 4 years in Montreal. She put the models looks together at Shows all over the world. Her title was Fashion Coordinator. I miss Her dearly but she is with me every single day – in spirit.

-Music – Fashion – Beauty -Art-

all go hand in hand

This is obvious

I wanted more in February 2015. I had always loved lipstick and thought about a creating a brand. Hello -the name of my blog came very easily to me and I could not believe the domain had not been taken.

So It started as a tiny idea to create a brand of lipstick but evolved into a blog. The all of everything in beauty fascinates me and I am super grateful for all the amazing experiences thus far. I wanted to lend my passion to writing about a World I Love so much. The passion grew and grew. I started with lipstick and skincare and I feel like this blog has changed the way I look at things.

It’s pretty amazing.

I’ve added style and a bit of lifestyle and I guess the best way I can describe Life right now is Freedom to be all of me. Like when I was that tiny kid with my grandmother.

There’s the podcast too but maybe that’s for another day!

I can’t believe my blog will be 3 years old next year

Perpetually excited and wishing you a beautiful day

All Love


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  1. Belinda Laurie

    I absolutely loved reading this. Even though I knew much of this story, i learned even more and so happy you’re sharing it with the world ❤️

  2. Chanelle

    Super early Happy Blog Birthday! Lip products are my addiction too so I know exactly where you are coming from. Your blogging style is unique and works x

  3. Nida

    such a beautiful post. It’s amazing how social media connects the most beautiful souls and i am so glad i found you. Loved reading this.

  4. Daniela

    Loved learning more about you from this post. You are an artist. Period. And your love for your art is inspiring.
    Wouldn’t it be great it we could somehow merge blogging and music seamlessly? That would be beautiful!

  5. Cristina from ShoeTease

    Your music is AMAZING! I used to be a songwriter/singer and was in an alt-country band when I was 18. It was so much and just today I was talking with a friend that I want to go back and start singing again, maybe in a choir or similar. Totally inspired by this post, lovely lady!
    xo Cristina

  6. justnatoya

    Such a heart warming post, I love your music! I used to do spoken word poetry a long time ago but as you said we grow and evolve. Love your blog and your energy. Thank you for continuing to share so much of your beautiful soul with us.

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