Holiday Giveaway – Canada (closed)

Hi Guys !!!!

Super cute festive Holiday for Canadian Subscribers

what is le prize?


I just wrote about it !!!!

the rules

This Giveaway runs from today November 24th and ends on Midnight the 26th of November

Make sure You are a subscriber to my blog 

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Leave a comment and tell me what Your favourite thing about the holiday season is!


I will announce the winner on Monday, the 27th of November at 8am on twitter and instagram stories!


Have an amazing weekend and Good luck!

All love


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  1. tobeautynbeyond

    I guess I want to say the warmth everyone is giving during the Holidays. It should be all year around but unfortunately busy lifestyles at times take that away. So at least once a year everyone seems to be little more loving and caring..

  2. Belinda Laurie

    I won your last giveaway so this is not an entry lol. But other than being around family and friend etc etc. One of my favourite things are the holiday cookies haha. I love baking them, sharing them and finding out new ones that I hadnt tried before! Good luck to all who enter!!

  3. favgreen(Rhonda W G.)

    I like the Christmas spirit the best. Everyone seems a little nicer somehow…lol. Can I say the food! My dad gets us king shrimp every year! I am one of the few who loves fruitcake and gingerbread too…

  4. whatsupliz

    My favourite thing about the holidays is spending time with family and friends, great food, the music and the Christmas movies!!!

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