Wrapping Up February ✨

Wrapping up February a tad early and I love that!

I have so much to be grateful this month yes and as always I am already grateful for what is happening in March!


February was a tremendous month for me- Inside and outside.

My Birthday felt like it lasted a week+++

I had a ton of epiphanies and did a lot of soul searching and got answers to the questions I had.


I deepened my Faith – Not religiously but Spiritually.

I began to trust in my belief system even more.

By this I mean – I say ALL LOVE a lot

It’s my mantra – it’s a tattoo – it’s one of my emails!

It’s everywhere in my Life.

I began to give myself the All Love I give out.

I became softer on myself.

I put the podcast on hold indefinitely and started recording new music in a studio that lets doggies be there .

You see – I have been in music all of my life. All of it.

Self expression is up and I am so happy with that.



I have always found that I learn so much during the time of my birthday and this year was no exception.

Very Basic Facts … xo

Life really began at 31 when I had my son.

I have an ear for music that will never let up and believe me I have tried to forget about music and my passion for it.


It won’t let up.

I published my first song at the age of 19 with SOCAN Canada and I have a long discography which I am so proud of. Over 100 songs.


Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada. 

This Month I also gave myself room to breathe and sleep and move into my Year. More.

I guess to really wrap it up ….

I realized that all the little things I have done have not been so little.

I confided in some very special human beings and let my soul soar.

I realized that Positivity and my zest for life are innate.

Those qualities are not going away anytime soon!

I gave myself the Self worth and encouragement I so freely give out.

I love February! It’s a Fabulous month: mostly because of the lessons I have learned.

I hope to write more personally – weekly…..

Because it matters to me.

I leave You with something I wrote a while ago


Happy Almost March !!!!!!! Spring is almost here!

All love


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