5 Ways To Stay In A Positive Mindset✨


Hi Guys

I have been WANTING to write a post like this forever!!!!

It’s been tugging at me and when an idea or concept tugs at you- You know You have to write about it!

How To Stay in a Positive Mindset – Really Stay There.


Perception is Everything 

How You perceive every situation is going to condition your mind to see the beauty in everything. Make Light. Create Light! It’s in all of us.

We have control on HOW we react to each situation that arises. How we respond to what Life presents to us is a BIG part of the truth of Our individual Perspectives.

How I Choose to see the World defines My World. So If I put a filter of negativity on things – WHAT WILL HAPPEN- Negativity will colour my world.

About ten years ago, I made the conscious choice. Come what May I choose to see what’s Good, What is beautiful and miraculous. It’s not to say that I am always happy. No way! But I do choose to put my feet on the floor in the morning and stay in the way I see the World.

Choose Love

Choosing Love is a big one. In a World that doesn’t seem very loving these days I still choose Love. First and foremost I do it for me! The beauty of choosing love though, is that it’s absolutely contagious. Just like Optimism Love moves things and it moves things fast. I firmly believe that Love is the most powerful force and That will never change.  Again; Come what MAY!

Listen- Really Listen

Music is something that engages ALL THE BRAIN – ALL AT ONCE!

Oliver Sacks – My absolute favourite Neurologist of all time! He’s written so many books but my favourite is


Tales of Music and the Brain

It’s a very long video but so genius.

Music lessens anxiety & increases dopamine levels.

“The interest in the effects of music on the brain has led to a new branch of research called neuromusicology which explores how the nervous system reacts to music.

And the evidence is in — music activates every known part of the brain”


Access Science

I for one am excited about all the new research coming in. There has not been a day that I haven’t sung something, listened to something and wanted to put something musical together- even if a simple melody.

Here is a beautiful one that I have shared so much in my instagram stories and this is JUST one example !

If you listen to the strings they will do something to you.

It’s not magic it’s science! Even though I DO believe in Magic!


Look UP

This has always worked for me. Always. When I gaze up at the sky, everything that might of bothered me in one moment disappears. I do not have the science to back this up! How could I! Looking at the sky intrinsically reminds us that there is BIGGER than US. That put things in the proper perspective. When You stay locked in your mind You forget. Get out of yourself. Look at something Beautiful and Vast.

I believe Rumi Said it best!


And Rumi Leads me to…

Keep Your Heart Open 

When we are born we have open hearts. We see the magic in everything. We feel – really feel all the beauty of life. As we get older hearts have a tendency to close. Experiences cloud the human heart. To keep a childlike Open heart takes a lot of mindful in the moment being. Taking the wisdom we gain as adults and balancing it with the open heart of a child leads to a more positive view- again perception.  Do you remember the way you looked at the World and the joy you felt as a child?  If you do- go back there and bring it to the present.

The Human Heart has always been a source of Fascination for me.

An older poem/ piece


I am gearing up for a new audio book in 2019 and it will be a metaphysical piece just like 100 Days of Love. It will be less in the romantic genre and more in the philosophical.


So keep Your heart open,  and remember that perception is your own special way to see the World!

And Express Yourself – FOR YOU!

All love



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  1. Invisibly Me

    Neuromusicology, wish I could have studied that! So glad you got around to writing this post, it’s fantastic! Some really useful points and reminders, and I fully agree with how perception can be such a powerful part of a positive mindset. xx

  2. Michelle L

    I loved this – powerful and from the heart! The reference to remember the joy you felt as a child and bringing it to the present with you – so incredibly simple and effective! Many XO’s – you inspire every day Beauty.

  3. littlebeautyloves

    Yes! I agree with you 💯! It’s all about how you choose to view your situations, choosing love, listening and looking! I find when I look up I get a different perspective of the world around me.

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