Best of 2018 🌟


As we approach 2019, I want to reflect on 2018 briefly and share my Favourite posts- The ones that brought me the most Joy in writing & experiencing !

We write- I believe first and foremost for ourselves and I am going to take this important notion into 2019- More!

My favourite experience as a blogger this year for internal and external reasons was at VISAGE CLINIC 

The Halo Laser procedure was a journey and there was down time and in that- beautiful time – there were discoveries made – heart wise.

The science bedazzled me. The Healing process was intensely cathartic and changed the way I view and take care of my skin.

Grateful To DR. MARC DUPÉRÉ and his amazing team!


Another great part of the year was not spent on my blog. It was spent judging oodles of skincare for Fashion Canada 

In all honesty I had never seen that much skincare in one go!

The process was invigorating and really challenged the way I looked at all beauty!

The results will be out soon in the beginning of 2019 and I am forever changed! Seriously! I don’t look at products the same way. My critical eye has sharpened dramatically.

I spent most of the summer and fall looking at skincare from the inside out.



I am so grateful for the year ! For a million more reasons.

The key word for me was catharsis. Not really a word we see a lot on beauty blogs but indeed that kind of Year!

I am wishing you and your loved ones the best in the New Year!




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  1. Catharsis is a great word. 😀
    I can’t wait to see the results of the Fashion Canada judging.
    Happy new year Cat! All the best for 2019! ❤

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