7 Lessons Decluttering Taught me 💛

About a week ago I finished the Biggest Declutter My Life has seen as of yet.

I read The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art Of decluttering and organizing by Marie Kondo – when it first came out and loved it. At that time I don’t think I was fully ready emotionally to embrace it. Two weeks ago it hit me like a truck that I was READY. I saw one episode of her show on Netflix and that’s all I needed to propel me into Diving into this immense project.


The term CATHARTIC has been one that has been with me forever. I embrace Cathartic journeys and this has proved to be Bigger and Bolder in the effects it has left me with.


So what did I learn ….


  1. I learned that everything that I own has energy. It’s either Positive or Negative. There is no neutral in “Stuff”. If it makes you smile then obviously that’s positive and I kept the Positive.
  2. Everything from clothing to computer files hold resonance. Everything you keep in your life physically holds Something for you. I went through everything and it was unbelievable how much I found that was Pure Beauty.
  3. I made room for Good in my life. In Donating and throwing away items that served no purpose in my life: I made Space. Making Space is indeed magical as You cannot really explain what magic is to another person- it’s so personal. You will know magic however: when You feel it.
  4. My Gratitude levels went up and I learned to Quiet down with more ease. Intrinsically, I am a high energy human being. After I was done I asked myself many questions. Am I giving my energy in a way that is going to be best for me? Your personal energy is precious and needs your attention first.
  5. I became more mindful by examining my emotions as they come. I remember thinking to myself as I was tidying up – I USED TO LIVE IN A TORNADO OF ENERGY AND I MOVING TOWARDS SERENITY in all aspects in my life. As the clutter became less and less, Serenity washed over me. Serenity is indeed my “word” for 2019.
  6. My formative years were spent in Hong Kong and Boston, Massachusetts and After I was done I realized I had kept a lot of my childhood within my home. My home was no longer STORAGE. It was Home.
  7. I learned to say No . Finally! If it doesn’t suit me, I say No. It’s as plain and simple as that. In a world where there are a million “things, concepts, ideas” thrown at us daily. I learned that I will say Yes when it suits my whole self. Saying YES to what suits you is incredibly empowering. Again the notion of Making Space for The Yes and only the Yes.



So that’s it and the lessons are still sinking it and it’s quite beautiful to see the results unfold….


All love


All of life is a magical Journey, but to make proper changes for Yourself, You must be willing to look at it all with gratitude and grace. Count on Yourself fully.

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  1. I hadn’t heard anything about the book, but I’ve seen a lot of hype about the Netflix show. I love a good decluttering, I think it’s good for the soul. It revitalises you, helps get your head tidier as you tidy your surroundings I think. I love the things you’ve learned, and I’d never really thought of looking at individual things as having their own energy (I tend to look at chunks of things, rather than separate things). Making room for good in life, finding more room to quiet and become mindful, are wonderful effects to experience. xx

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    1. I looked at every single thing xxx it took me about a week xxx it was exhausting but exciting at the same time xx during ! A total soul workout – if you will 🙂 xxx
      I am way more calm now …. WAY MORE XXXXX
      ❤ ❤

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  2. This is so great to read! 😀
    Definitely, stuff hold energy and keeping only what makes you happy is so important.
    Learning to say NO is a huge lesson that we all need to practice.
    Amazing, Cat! ❤

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  3. A really lovely blog post cat. I love everything you have learned and it definitely is amazing to sort things out. I’m a collector of things. I recently have decluttered and still have a long way to go. Lovely and positive post.

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  4. I understand that feeling of space and breath when you get rid of stuff and focus on the things you actually want to own. Totally freeing!! Mindfulness in all things, right? That’s been true for me. When I take care of the small stuff and I’m mindful in those, the big things are easier to handle. I have a slightly different take on organizing though…I was inspired by my Italian heritage. I wrote an article on my blog Babies and Bookcases, if you’re interested. Hope to see you there to continue the conversation http://www.babiesandbookcases.com

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  5. We had a little success this weekend with our own. I’ve never been so happy to fold laundry! We’ve succeeded in sorting out my husband and babe’s stuff. Tonight it’s my turn!

    It’s the new space and the room to think that feels amazing!!!!!

    And I never knew you spent some time in Boston. That is the city that moves me the most. 😍 Have a happy Monday!!

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  6. I love your learnings from decluttering. Making your HOME again. I’m still on my decluttering journey. I’m tacking my closet this month. Yes, it’ll take me a while but I will get it done! You inspire me everyday XO

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