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Endy Duvet


Time To Cozy Up!!!!!!!!!

Mega Cozy Up!!!!!!

I don’t know about You guys, but my bed is one of my favourite places! I have about 20 plushies and pillows (never grow up) and as we get into colder and COLDER weather – Canada !!!!!!! Sleep becomes more and more important to me. How many hours do You sleep? I am an 8hrs a night kinda gal. As I get older I truly understand HOW important Sleep Hygiene is. It’s Paramount to wellness .


Enter this amazing Duvet by ENDY



“Designed for every Canadian season, our signature duvet uses high-tech temperature regulating materials for a cooler, more comfortable sleep. Plus, it’s machine washable and hypoallergenic.”


  • Thermo-regulating materials wick away moisture and keep you cool
  • Diamond-weave quilting keeps the filling from bunching
  • Includes corner loops to secure duvet to cover
  • Machine washable





I am like a furnace at night and the material is perfect whether you run hot or cold – temperature wise!

I love that it’s a Canadian Brand!

Each Duvet comes in a cute and handy bag for transportation purposes.

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  1. Bed really is so good! I feel like I’m permanently tired and need 10-12 hours a night to recharge properly but get more like 7 on weeknights and more at the weekend if I sleep in 🙂 enjoy snuggling up!

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