To Love Yourself Fully & Completely – Wellbeing 🌟

To Love Yourself Fully and Completely – YES!!!!!!!

This includes YOUR BODY.

I talk often of the soul but today I am talking about the body

This HAS nothing to do with Long baths and face masks

This has nothing to do with going to a gym or not going to a gym – extensive Yoga practice all that –



It took me Exactly 31 years to be at complete peace with my body.

That was the year my son was born. The everyday miracle that is childbirth was so overwhelmingly powerful that all my STUFF dropped. And by STUFF I mean- everything Society TRIES to instil onto us.

What else Happened after My son was born

I KNEW exactly how Sacred and Powerful my body is

In all that it does daily

I also started to see Beauty in everyone.

And that has never wavered

Once You truly love your body- I can almost guarantee you will see more beauty

Exactly like the tagline of my website here –


Once you fully appreciate your form, I firmly believe that Your perspective on Beauty – on the whole will change for the better.


It’s NOT VAIN to Love your Body

It’s YOURS – love it

Give it the appreciation it deserves- You deserve

All Love IT!

What does that mean

Do not compartmentalize

Love it Wholly Completely


& The Beginning Of a much happier Life!


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