SLIMWAVE – My Experience!- Spa 🌟

First of All …

HAPPY 2020!


All the best Guys!

So what is SLIMWAVE

Mariia -The SLIMWAVE Tech and I Decided in Early December that we would work on my Waist & Glutes! She took all my measurements and I learned so much through my five sessions!

A little bit about my lifestyle. I don’t go to the gym but I do yoga and walk everywhere. I don’t drive and walk even through the coldest of our Canadian days. I am an ectomorph : tall and thin. This is definitely genetics. I’ve never been one to be able to add a lot of muscle to my body. This is just the way I am built and as I get older I fall in love with my body more and more. It has created a beautiful and healthy child… I have been a size 0-2 since after having my son. That’s 15 years! I also have an extremely high metabolism and that’s definitely also genetic.


This is what the Slimwave machine looks like ! If you follow me on Instagram 🙂 You can see more in My SPA Highlight! Much More!

Blow my Mind! NASA! How do the treatments feel? Well they feel like Contractions and There is ZERO Pain! There is a tingling feeling as these treatments also use Infra-red. There is the most incredible VERY SPACEY Blanket that uses infra-red to warm up the muscles, detox the lymphatic system. Detox Hello!

How did I feel after each session?

I felt GREAT. I felt like I just worked out and I could feel my system flushing out all the toxins. There is no downtime. A tiny bit of muscle soreness but that’s it!  The Day After each session I felt my skin getting smoother as well. As Infra-red targets collagen renewal and cellulite!


We Took My measurements Yesterday and I AM SHOOK.

I Gained 1 Inch around my Glutes and Lost 4.5 inches around my waist!




The technology Blows my mind and the results speak for themselves!



IF YOU are in Toronto – You can Visit  Mariia – ! She’s so Wonderful

Visit Her HERE

Address2323 Bloor St W Unit 213,

Toronto, ON M6S 4W1

 (604) 376-9595

She Has a Great Promotion going on right now

5 sessions – 575$ instead of 650$
10 sessions- 1000$ instead of 1250$

If you want to find out more about Slimwave in Your area or Have any other Questions Feel free to ask or Reach Out HERE!

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  • This was a Hosted* Experience. All views are my own 

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    1. ALL about transformation in 2020 You know for me xxxxxx ❤ last year I did not do one single thing for me xxxxx I don't regret a nanosecond xxxx "Go the extra Mile " xxx BUT u know xx

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