Compass Dermatology – Halo Laser – Part 💓💓

*This experience was hosted – all views are my own

Hi Guys!

So onto Part 2!

If You missed part 1 – click here!

As my Halo Laser Appointment grew closer, I got really excited! 2020 is a Total transformation year for me! On all levels.

Skin is our largest Organ and the one that fascinates me the most.

I Filled out the Consent form …..

They took before Photos – Kinda like mug shots! haha! Then a thick layer of Numbing Cream was applied to my face. It’s a form of Lidocaine I believe. I waited for about an hour until My Face was completely Numb.

Maura and the Doctors decided on 30 Microns for my treatment.

Halo Laser is customizable to Your own personal needs and skin type which I think is so brilliant!

Before we even started Maura charted out my face with the laser- All Faces are different! The Laser creates a map and we were ready to Go!

Was I nervous? The answer is of course YES! It was an excitable nervousness though that really mellowed out once the numbing cream was on and I lay down in the treatment chair. Maura Dimmed the lighting in the treatment room and THAT made it even more calming.

She then applied eye protection and tada we were ready to Go!

The Treatment lasted about 1/2 an hour.

Did it Hurt?  Yes and No

It was a 2 on the pain scale and the feeling is mostly intense heat.  Like A sunburn but a bit more intense.

Here I am right after The Treatment

Keep In Mind, people with light skin and hair will redden and swell the most.

The cooling air Felt amazing and I went Home with a really Pink face about an hour later.

I would definitely recommend having someone pick you up or taking a taxi home after the treatment as Your face will become increasingly hot. When I got home I took one Tylenol and got into cozy clothes and iced my face with the ice gel packs Compass Dermatology gave me.  I fell asleep within a few hours of getting home. Sleeping with your head raised on pillows is super important and sleep hygiene is EXTRA Important. I switched up my pillowcases daily and made sure my dog did not Jump on my bed.


You can see the day to day changes on this permanent Highlight for Compass Dermatology 

Here is another Video I took of Maura on my 3rd Day of Healing as I went into Compass for a check up




Swelling and redness

Pinpoint Bleeding

Dryness and tight skin

MENDS (Microscopic Epidermal Necrotic Debris)

Skin will Look TAN like – this is all the pigmentation coming to the surface

Flaky skin – This will get better as the days go by

5-6 Days Downtime – meaning do not go in the sun ! The skin underneath is fragile

Pores will be SMALLER

Fine lines and wrinkles will lose their depth and the skin will start to plump up!

Halo Laser Gives the skin a major collagen reboot!

A Glow (NEW SKIN) will appear and the skin will improve for up to 6months

Feb 1 update – It’s like having New skin – I highly recommend this laser treatment if you have time for some down time – and really want to brighten up your skin. There is almost no texture to my skin and pores have shrunk. I am in the midst of putting together a new skincare routine for myself . I thank Compass Dermatology for their expertise!

 You can Contact Compass Dermatology

 650 Mt Pleasant Rd, Toronto, ON

M4S 2N5

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