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Thanks to COVID-19 and the craziness in our world, many of us are missing our usual beauty routines. That doesn’t mean we can’t plan for the future, though! In fact, this downtime is a great chance to learn about new treatments and how they can help us reach our skincare goals.

I’m sure most people know about BOTOX and dermal fillers and how they can make your skin look more flawless. But what people may not know is that there’s a special strategy out there for how injectables can be used: MD Codes. If you’re in the Barrie area and want to rejuvenate your face, this innovative technique used at Spa Lumina is worth looking into.

What are injectables? How do they work?

Injectables are special treatments that place product underneath your skin with a needle. They can include both BOTOX and dermal fillers. BOTOX works perfectly for fading wrinkles, and fillers can give a boost to your lips or add youthful volume to your face. Injectables are a terrific nonsurgical way to fight the signs of aging.

The active ingredient in BOTOX relaxes your facial muscles and keeps your expressions from pulling on your skin—preventing wrinkles from even happening in the first place. Most fillers use hyaluronic acid (HA) to plump up your skin. HA is a naturally occurring substance in your body and a main ingredient in a lot of popular skincare products.

What is MD Codes?

MD Codes is a way of mapping out your face while strategically using injectables. The term was developed by a plastic surgeon named Dr. Mauricio de Maio. Dr. Maio organized the entire face into a series of specific injection points. By using injectables at certain spots (forehead, chin, cheeks), you can rejuvenate your entire face and achieve the most appealing results.

Both BOTOX and dermal fillers are used together when it comes to MD Codes. At Spa Lumina in Barrie, they adjust their technique to each client’s face since each person is unique. They look at the full picture—your entire face—and decide which places could most benefit from a little lift or a little smoothing. This approach basically combines science and art, using injectables to transform your look.

What makes Spa Lumina special?

You can trust Spa Lumina with MD Codes and injectable treatments because they’re always focused on the patient. They know every person is different and needs a customized beauty plan for their goals. They take the time to answer all your questions and make sure you feel safe and comfortable. They also offer free consultations—so there’s no harm in checking them out if you’re curious about BOTOX or fillers.

Lockdown has made a lot of us anxious to get back to our regular routines. But this free time also gives us a chance to learn more about our next-favorite treatments and understand the science behind them. If you want to take years off your face without surgery or downtime, then MD Codes and Spa Lumina might be your perfect answer.



1005-74 Cedar Pointe Dr, Barrie, ON L4N 5R7, Canada


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