Boscia- First Impressions


Hi Guys – Hope you had a peaceful weekend – sending love as always .

Today a Quick overview of some products from Boscia I have been trying out.

As You guys know – it takes at least a month-6 weeks to see any change with any skincare product. Unless it promises instant results!

So let’s get to these gorgeously packaged products – I LOVE PINK – can You tell 🙂



Chia Seed Moisture Cream 

Moisturize, restore and repair dry skin with a super-rich cream enriched with essential phytonutrients and omega fatty acids that come from Chia Seed Oil and Swiss Glacier Water. This cream works to prevent dehydration and improve moisture balance, instantly and over time.

Preferable for dry skin types.

My thoughts-

Gorgeous. My skin is normal to dry and the chia seed oil gives it a rich, nourishing texture and feel . It’s not too thick, the Swiss Glacier water gives it a bouncy feel  and quick absorbency time. I like it and will continue to use it. This is something that would be a great step before your makeup.


Vitamin B12 Hydration Booster Serum

Drench your skin with deep-down nourishment and long-lasting hydration with our Vitamin B12 Hydration Booster Serum, a unique dual-part 70% oil to 30% water ratio formula, for a smooth, glowing complexion, without the greasy after feel.


My thoughts- 

I love this one. I had nothing with B12 and you guys know how much i love my Vitamin packed serums. It’s Got such a great feel. When I create my spring skincare routine I will let you guys know if this made it.  Lovely serum!


Last but Not least


Rosewater Mist With Witch Hazel 

A refreshing and alcohol-free hydrating toner mist powered by Rosewater and Witch Hazel that delivers a dewy, healthy-looking complexion. This multi-purpose mist works to absorbs excess oil, tighten pores and soothe for glowing, radiant skin.

Preferable for dry-to-combination skin types.


My thoughts-

My favourite ingredient in ALL skincare -beauty – Fragrance -Aromatherapy You name it – Is Yes you guessed right . ROSE. 

I love this mist – So nourishing and perfect , Like a cloud mist. This is a a total winner already!


So there You have it!

Wishing You a love filled week and see you Wednesday!


Boscia is available at Shopper’s Drug Mart, Hudson’s Bay and Costco – wow ! haha I never shop there maybe I should start!


“pr samples sent for editorial purposes – all views are my own


  1. I’ve only heard amazing reviews about boscia products! Like the skin brightening one is apparently amazing! I need to try it.. these ones sounds awesome! Thank you for such a great post babe alcohol free is important and witch hazel with rosewater! Brilliant

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