New Beauty Monday- Falling 🍁 Further for Herbivore Botanicals

Happy Monday All….

Today I have some more beautifully sensorial products from Herbivore Botanicals to tell you about.

Let’s Dive right in.

All Images belong to  HERBIVORE BOTANICALS

$63.00 CAD  0.5 oz | 15 mL glass jar

“A line-filling eye cream that instantly tightens + smooths eyes for a visibly lifted look. 1% bakuchiol + plant peptides reduce the appearance of fine lines + wrinkles and visibly firm eye creases over time with zero irritation.

Recommended for: MOON DEW is suitable for all skin.

Target concerns:
+ Fine Lines and wrinkles
+ Loss of firmness
+ Dryness

Meet the 100% plant-based retinol alternative eye cream that smooths, firms + tightens eyes in ten minutes. Powered by 1% bakuchiol and plant peptides that reduce the appearance of wrinkles and visibly firm eye creases over time. This formula is ultra-hydrating and layers well with make-up.”

My First Impressions. 

Love at First Sight and touch and feel. 

I have fallen madly for Herbivore and all they create. This eye cream has a firm texture and is totally suitable for all skin types.  It fills my smile lines within minutes and I tried it around my lips as well . It’s Beautiful! Apply gently with your ring or baby finger and tap it in. It melts right into the skin. Will this be my Every day eye cream? 

One word. YES!

It’s G O R G E O U S !


Next Up

MOON FRUIT 1% Bakuchiol + Peptides Retinol Alternative Serum

$78.00 CAD  1 oz | 30 mL glass bottle

“A plant-based, retinol-alternative serum that’s clinically-proven to treat signs of aging with 1% bakuchiol + plant peptides with zero irritation.

Recommended for: MOON FRUIT is suitable for all skin.

Target concerns:
+ Fine Lines and wrinkles
+ Loss of firmness
+ Dryness

Experience the power of 1% bakuchiol, nature’s non-irritating, plant-based retinol alternative. This clinically-effective serum dramatically improves fine lines + wrinkles, delivering results on-par with traditional retinol without causing irritation, dryness, or redness. Treat all signs of aging on the face + neck with 100% plant-based ingredients. Pregnancy-safe.”

My First Impressions 

A Serum that lulls you in full sensorial bliss 

It Plumps the skin immediately. It has some of the same energy as Cloud Jelly which I adore so much. Moon Fruit is like the wiser older sister! Apply to face and neck and continue with your skincare routine, but watch for the Glow. Everyone’s skin is different but I see it right away. Make sure to wear SPF every single day – Inside & Outside. I will be using this day and night. 

It’s for Keeps! Like Forever ever. 


And Lastly for today

The ever so amazing



$115.00 CAD  1.7oz / 50ml glass bottle 

“Like a Phoenix being reborn from the ashes, renew your skin’s look and feel with a blend of luxe botanical oils and CoQ10. Phoenix Rosehip Anti-Aging Face Oil re-hydrates and revitalizes dry skin or any skin in need of replenishment and moisture renewal.


Target concerns:
+ Anti-Aging
+ Dryness
+ Dullness

Concentrated Moisture. Oils are concentrated, and effective moisturizers. Our oils sink in deeply, quickly to moisturize and nourish with antioxidants and Vitamin E, emollients and fatty acids which work to hydrate dry skin and give it a radiant glow.”

Scent: Lightly herbal and nutty
Texture: Medium-weight oil
Color: Deep orange


My First Impressions 

Upon first try, as I applied the deep golden orange oil I thought to myself- Have I ever felt an oil sink in so quickly/ The Answer is No. Phoenix is the first Facial Oil that has sunk in within 30 seconds. It’s Luxurious and naturally fragrant. It’s a grounding kind of scent. This is my first Herbivore Facial oil and I am more than impressed. I can also smell the rosehip oil. Rose is my favourite as its so beneficial at strengthening the skin. This is the perfect last step before bed. All the Herbivore products that I have received play so well together and create a very harmonious experience. 


Phoenix is beyond beautiful. It’s Bedazzling!

Forever and ever ever ever ……. ever!

I will be creating my skincare routine for Autumn soon and will post them here.  Rest assured all of these magical gems will be included!

Mega Impassioned.

With huge thanks To Herbivore Botanicals!

Available at Sephora 






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