Compass Dermatology – Halo Laser – Part 💓💓

Hi Guys! So onto Part 2! If You missed part 1 – click here! As my Halo Laser Appointment grew closer, I got really excited! 2020 is a Total transformation year for me! On all levels. Skin is our largest Organ and the one that fascinates me the most. I Filled out the Consent form […]

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Compass Dermatology – My Halo Laser Experience – Part 1 💓

Hi Guys ! One week ago I had Halo Laser at Compass Dermatology– here in Toronto. I am doing a three part profile on My procedure and the clinic itself so ENJOY! First I am Going To focus on Compass Dermatology: the procedures they offer and Give you some info On What HALO IS! Here […]

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SLIMWAVE – My Experience!- Spa 🌟

First of All … HAPPY 2020! A new DECADE! WOW! All the best Guys! — So what is SLIMWAVE Mariia -The SLIMWAVE Tech and I Decided in Early December that we would work on my Waist & Glutes! She took all my measurements and I learned so much through my five sessions! A little bit […]

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Gratitude is a 4 Letter Word – LOVE! – 4 Years For 💗

Hi Guys! is officially 4 years old and I am sooo HAPPY! It’s amazing to think that 4 years ago I started & jumped from and directed myself into the beauty world – I had no idea what was ahead. I loved lipstick and well started writing about lipstick! BUT…… haha. It Kind […]

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  As we approach 2019, I want to reflect on 2018 briefly and share my Favourite posts- The ones that brought me the most Joy in writing & experiencing ! We write- I believe first and foremost for ourselves and I am going to take this important notion into 2019- More! My favourite experience as […]

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