BITE LIP LAB – With The Girls

On Friday the 14th - Good Friday - I was so fortunate to visit one of Toronto's hot spots -Bite Beauty's Lip Lab ... This was my second time! This time I invited some amazing blogging buddies to come with and WE had so much fun ! BITE BEAUTY  How do I love thee Let … Continue reading BITE LIP LAB – With The Girls

BITE Beauty Amuse Bouche Vault

HI Hi Hi So today I am in my dreamland .... My Utopia really! If You read me you KNOW how much I adore BITE Beauty You can read other posts I have written Here and Here  So unboxing and Half of the Vault for today. To tell you the truth - I just stared … Continue reading BITE Beauty Amuse Bouche Vault

Unboxing Lush – Hello Gorgeous!

Happy April BeYouties! It's Beginning to feel super springy! Spending more time outdoors YES please!!! Can't wait until the flowers start popping up! Today I am unboxing some beauty from Lush and wowy does the whole box smell like pure spring! The box is so pretty! I am keeping that forever! What's In it !! … Continue reading Unboxing Lush – Hello Gorgeous!

Bite Beauty – Everyday Agave – A Beautiful Lip Ritual

Hiya Hiya Hiya .... Today I have another feature on BITE Beauty & their beautiful range of Agave Lip products. A three step lip ritual that I have been using non stop since February. A little Bit from the Founder and Creator of Bite Beauty - Susanne Langmuir       First The Agave Lip … Continue reading Bite Beauty – Everyday Agave – A Beautiful Lip Ritual