B.Beautiful Studio – Brows+Lashes – A review – 2020

*This experience was hosted – all views are my own

HI HI HI!!!!

Hope you all had the best weekend! Sun in Toronto, International Women’s Day – IT WAS BRILLIANT


To Say That I fell in Love with B.Beautiful Studio in Toronto is a MAJOR UNDERSTATEMENT!

Located at 402 Eglinton Ave W, Toronto, ON

Brittni is an EXPERT!

It’s all about How You feel during and after visiting a Beauty Studio and

In all my years in Toronto – BRITTNI is The best – Hands down!!!!


With two degrees, 13 certifications, and licenses in both Canada and the United States, B. Beautiful’s Brittni Alexandra is beyond qualified to meet all of your beauty needs.


Here is Talented Brittni working on my eyebrows

This service is Called High Definition (HD Brows)

Brittni Alexandra Creating HD BROWS

Then onto Lashes!



She does an amazing consultation before any treatment! My eyes are almond and my

natural lashes are a very light brown.  I felt so comfortable with her recommendations.

She’s a Genius Talent! She Determined Doll Like Classic lashes were the best for my eye

shape and of course she takes into consideration the natural eyelashes.



I nearly fell asleep… Her hands are the most gentle!

I really am amazed at the results she gave me! Both Lashes and Brows. I feel and look so

much nore put together and again as a busy mom who doesn’t have have much time for

makeup- She gave my whole face a wide eyed Fresh Look!

She offers a range of Services,

Would I recommend Brittni? OMG – A Million times over YES!

A+ For every facet of Her Studio and Services!

An Inviting Studio owned by an absolutely Dynamic Woman!

Brittni Alexandra
Brittni & I right before I went home SMILING SO HAPPY !



Thank You So Much To IGO.PR for Hosting me!


All love



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