Beauty Podcast Episode 22

Hey Guys !!!!!!! EPISODE 22 is up - It's been since the end of March since anything has aired .... Shrugs shoulders - LIFE - yes Life xo !!!!!! Dal Creator of  is back - Some of you may remember she was my first guest in June 2016.  From 1 to 22 so much … Continue reading Beauty Podcast Episode 22

Burberry Beauty – The Essentials

Hi Guys !!!! Today I have some serious Gorgeousness to Unbox Thank You to Influenster, Sephora and Obviously Burberry Beauty ! This is completely radiant beauty! Luxury beauty babes and Next To Charlotte Tilbury- I would say that Burberry is IT - Luxe wise I am Going to start with My Fave of the … Continue reading Burberry Beauty – The Essentials

MICHEL GERMAIN -SÉXŪAL – Paris Tendre – Fragrance

Hi Guys !!!! Today I am TALKING FRAGRANCE ... Hello !!!!!!!! Avid Fragrance Collector over here ... A little while ago I wrote about  Michel Germain -SÉXŪAL Paris... and I have it has been my go to since ... Very powerful and sexy ... Enter Michel Germain SÉXŪAL Paris Tendre - Same GORGEOUS Design and sparkle, but … Continue reading MICHEL GERMAIN -SÉXŪAL – Paris Tendre – Fragrance

Charlotte Tilbury – The Rock Chick – Luxury Palette

Hi Guys ! Today I have a review of my Fave new eye palette - Spoiler Alert right! Charlotte Tilbury - The Rock Chick - Luxury Palette - Colour Coded Eye Shadows I love itttttt ....... Let me show You! Product Description  "The power to mesmerise is in your eyes, with this make-up hypnotise… I … Continue reading Charlotte Tilbury – The Rock Chick – Luxury Palette

5 To Zen –

Hey Guys !!!! Today I wanted to write about something more in the lifestyle realm from a very personal angle... Last weekend was probably one of the first weekends I have Truly relaxed in a long time. What did I do differently than I usually do? I am a Mom to a 12 year old … Continue reading 5 To Zen –