MyLipAddiction.com Beauty Podcast Episode 11

Hi Hi Hi ! This week my Guest is Rachael - Creator of HelplessWhilstDrying.comΒ  She is my first UK Blogger on the podcast ! I have been following her blog for a little while What really made me want to interview Her is this very poignant ArticleΒ ! It really moved me and since I am … Continue reading MyLipAddiction.com Beauty Podcast Episode 11


Maison Jacynthe – Makeup – MyLipAddiction.com

Hey Beauties ! So Today I have a review of some lovely Lipsticks from a brand I have written about before Maison Jacynthe I wrote about her skincare in January of this year and Now she has a new line of makeup out ! A Little bit about her! JACYNTHE RENΓ‰ A dedicated artist with … Continue reading Maison Jacynthe – Makeup – MyLipAddiction.com


Vision boarding on Pinterest – MyLipAddiction.com

Hello Beauties! Β Today I wanted to write about social media. There is sooo much of it. Sometimes it can get a bit much. Β This is why I turn off my phone at a certain time every night. Especially with the podcast on air now - I need to be extra disciplined now. Extra Extra ! … Continue reading Vision boarding on Pinterest – MyLipAddiction.com


September Favourites – MyLipAddiction.com

Hello Beauties! Β September Faves a little early this month but Hey - I was inspired! Let's get into it shall we ! CLARINSΒ Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil- Honey - miniΒ  I received this Gorgeous lip oil at Dave Lackie's #HBCBeauty event and wow ! I Love it! Instant nourishment Β for the lips. It smells delicious … Continue reading September Favourites – MyLipAddiction.com

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MyLipAddiction.com Beauty Podcast Episode 10

Hiya!! So Tonight My Guest is Chantal Seguin - Creator of OpalFrame.com Can You believe we are already on episode 10 !!!! Kind of blows my Mind! I am Not going to give away any info about our chat ! NADA!!! Except that ....... Chantal is Going to melt your heart ! For REAL! You … Continue reading MyLipAddiction.com Beauty Podcast Episode 10