New From CLEAN – Lovegrass – Fragrance

Honestly You guys - Fragrance is my THANG .....  It's Poetic - It's so very personal. I could write about Fragrance all day ..... Enter awesome fragrance by CLEAN - Lovegrass  Now when I received this fragrance I thought hmmm - is this going to smell like grass ....? For real I thought that. No … Continue reading New From CLEAN – Lovegrass – Fragrance

MICHEL GERMAIN -SÉXŪAL – Paris Tendre – Fragrance

Hi Guys !!!! Today I am TALKING FRAGRANCE ... Hello !!!!!!!! Avid Fragrance Collector over here ... A little while ago I wrote about  Michel Germain -SÉXŪAL Paris... and I have it has been my go to since ... Very powerful and sexy ... Enter Michel Germain SÉXŪAL Paris Tendre - Same GORGEOUS Design and sparkle, but … Continue reading MICHEL GERMAIN -SÉXŪAL – Paris Tendre – Fragrance

Michel Germain -Séxūal Paris – Fragrance

Hi Lovelies !! Today I have a Gorgeous Fragrance to talk about ... I have been wearing it Non stop since receiving it! Sexual Paris eau de parfum spray How many photos can I take of one bottle ..? MANY ..... It's Just so stunning! As someone that believes Fragrance is a true art form … Continue reading Michel Germain -Séxūal Paris – Fragrance

The Truth About Daisy – Marc Jacobs – Eau So Fresh – Kiss

Hiya BeYoutifulls! If You have been reading my blog for a while you know how much I adore writing about Fragrance! It's the most poetic and it's the most artsy in my opinion! So Today I am writing about a Gorgeous Fragrance I received from Dave Lackie a little while ago. If You are not … Continue reading The Truth About Daisy – Marc Jacobs – Eau So Fresh – Kiss

March Faves – Love!

Hiya Hiya !!! March is almost over and wow - time is flying Extra Fast this year. This is a round up of my Fave products and I am working on my Fave March Moments ... Really looking forward to April a Ton. I have a feeling Everything is Going to shine even brighter - … Continue reading March Faves – Love!