Best Of Summer – Beauty

Hello Beauties !!! Instead of doing August Faves ... I am writing about my faves in Beauty for Summer 2017. Summer went by sooo quickly and I am so excited to get into the Fall Season. My son is back at School and in 8th grade and yesterday was the first day! He grew like … Continue reading Best Of Summer – Beauty

The Fragrance – Jason Wu

Hi Guys!!! So Today I am writing about what I think is the best fragrance of 2017! Bold words Yes since we are not at the end of the year yet .... Jason Wu Eau De Parfum  So First - The description from His amazing site Jason Wu introduces his first fragrance that captures the … Continue reading The Fragrance – Jason Wu

Jason Wu’s New Fragrance – Thank You Dave Lackie ! (Part 1)

  Hi BeYouties! Last week was Non stop and super fun and I was so Lucky to be invited to Dave Lackie's VIP Event for the launch of Jason Wu's new fragrance. It was the first time as a blogger that I got to meet such an amazing force in Fashion & the first time … Continue reading Jason Wu’s New Fragrance – Thank You Dave Lackie ! (Part 1)


New From CLEAN – Lovegrass – Fragrance

Honestly You guys - Fragrance is my THANG .....  It's Poetic - It's so very personal. I could write about Fragrance all day ..... Enter awesome fragrance by CLEAN - Lovegrass  Now when I received this fragrance I thought hmmm - is this going to smell like grass ....? For real I thought that. No … Continue reading New From CLEAN – Lovegrass – Fragrance

MICHEL GERMAIN -SÉXŪAL – Paris Tendre – Fragrance

Hi Guys !!!! Today I am TALKING FRAGRANCE ... Hello !!!!!!!! Avid Fragrance Collector over here ... A little while ago I wrote about  Michel Germain -SÉXŪAL Paris... and I have it has been my go to since ... Very powerful and sexy ... Enter Michel Germain SÉXŪAL Paris Tendre - Same GORGEOUS Design and sparkle, but … Continue reading MICHEL GERMAIN -SÉXŪAL – Paris Tendre – Fragrance