2016 Resolutions!

Finally I am doing this! 7 Days Into the New Year!

Resolutions – yes!

The last one that really moved me was by Beauty By Elyse !

So Resolutions Resolutions …….

These are all about Beauty, Lifestyle and Goals for 2016!


  • Be More Creative. This means – More drawing, more digital painting, more fashion illustration, more design!
    I want to integrate all the things I do into this blog Cat Forsley ©
    I want to integrate all the things I do into this blog
    Cat Forsley ©


  • Get more rest and Cat time- Turn off the phone and computer earlier, take the weekends off!

    Cat Forsley ©
    Cat Forsley ©
  • Drink Gallons of Water!
  • Travel Travel Travel – My word for 2016 is ADVENTURE!
  • Connect with Like hearted people. 2015 was super great for this and I want to take this further.
  • Clean Up social media accounts that I don’t really use. I’d like to keep my facebook profile for family and friends I talk to frequently. I Like my Privacy as everyone does.
  • Take my time. I usually rush. This means more Yoga, more meditation.

    Cat Forsley ©
    Cat Forsley ©
  • Take my time with reviews and features.  Enjoy the writing process that I love so much.
  • Work with brands that appreciate the artist in me.
  • Journal More
  • Gain 10lbs!
  • Get 8 hours of sleep every night.
  • Go Through all my makeup – Organize Organize Organize!
  • Focus on Fashion more. Self – Explanatory!
  • Do More Giveaways with brands – I really enjoy that!
  • Draw more – did I already say that ! 🙂 Since I received The beautiful liners that I won from HippyLip, I’ve been Non stop!
  • Stop and smell the roses – Just a tiny bit more!

These are Just some! Wink 🙂

Thanks for dropping by!


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  1. Great resolutions! I’ve started drinking more water, too, and it has had an amazing effect on my skin – my skin cleared up within days. It’s amazing! And totally free 🙂

    I also love your illustrations. You should definitely do more of those!

    I haven’t set myself any goals this year, except for : find happiness. Let’s hope 2016 is a better one! 🙂

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  2. Awesome resolutions!! You have connected with like minded people. Wink wink. All joking aside, you are already have a good start on some of these because your amazing!! Loved-“stop and smell the flowers more”…I need to add this to my list along with giving you 10 or 20 of my pounds!! 💜😍💋

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    1. Oh geesh ………………… Love nurse …………. because i am getting sicky faster – beefing up lol xxxxx
      ❤ love love love tagged you on insta xxxxxxxxxxx ❤ ❤ ❤ LOVE

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        1. like 50% better Lol xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx i woke up sooooooooooo early – good sign xxxx i think it was the arctic blast that just knocked me over ………….. sticking to these resolutions like glue – #glitterglue xoxoxxoxoxxoxoxoxxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxo and i love each liner xxxxx You know what xxx i think the blue is the best on me – i thought the black would be – but i wanna try layering like in those cute little charts in the box – on the weekend xxxx and love the ULTA lip colour – You really know me xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ❤ Thanks so much xxx

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          1. #glitterglue😂 glad you are in the road to recovery. Yayyyyy, so happy that you like all the liners. Crazy….I thought green would be my least favorite but NO…second to black….I love it. As for Ulta, I love berry lips for winter and I was hoping you did too. Can’t wait to see the layering!!!!

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  3. Your creativity resolution rocks!! Please do us a favour by putting them up soon, would be such a treat for sore eyes 😘😘

    Btw.. I couldn’t take my eyes off that Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons!! Envious 😘😘😘😍😍

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    1. HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII where U beeeeeen ? happy new year xxxxxxxx ❤ You know about the more "me " time 🙂 Lol xxxxxxx ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ It's important
      omg – so many ideas – You know me 🙂 xxxxxx WARMTH #1 XXXXXX

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    1. I am GOING toooooooooooo xoxoxoxxo The struggle is real ! lol xxxxx
      ❤ ❤ ❤ Good for you xxxxxx thanks for the good nudge and HapppppppY NEW year xoxoxox C


  4. Awesome resolutions!!! I def need to disconnect from technology more often and drink more water!!!. Hopefully we can collab together this year 😘😘😙😙 best of luck and happy new year Cat!

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    1. ❤ ❤ ❤ thanks for inspiring me Beautiful xxxxxxxxxxxxx yes looking forward to turning the phone off tomorrow lol
      and YES to collabs xxxxxxx YES please !!!!!!!!
      you have my contact info xoxoxoxxo
      Have a beautiful FRIYAYAYAYAYAYAY XXOX
      best always x

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  5. Great resolutions – especially the creative and me time ones!
    As for travelling more – any chance of a Montreal visit???
    Also – get some oregano oil tincture – if you lived near me I would bring you some as I make my own – it tastes terrible but is great for cold and flu season!
    Try a flavoured kefir – much more palatable, the plain stuff is too sour – ick!

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    1. morning babes xxxxxxx yes i wanna come to montreal xxx it’s been a while !!!!!!!!!!!!!! huge hugs i went to bed so early omg xxxx that helped xxxxxx NO TO KEFIR lol
      yes to hearty soups Lol
      thank you for being so sweet xxx u always are xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

      I can't wait to check out ur perfume post xxxxxxxxxxxx
      will u tweet me it ? #sharingiscaring xoxoxoxox MUAH love xo

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  6. I’ll give you my 10lbs. 😉 lol I recommend eating lots of delicious chocolates! 8hrs of sleep is something I try to get every night but fail miserably at. So cheer to both of us on getting more sleep in the new year Ms. Cat! xoxoxo ❤ Sending much love your way!

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