Focusing On The Light – Self Care 🌟

Self Care Series ! Heck YAH!!!! The last post helped a lot of people and that makes me happy, but most importantly it keeps me ACCOUNTABLE to MY own Self care. NUMBER 1.    So let’s Jump into the topic of Light The Physical aspect of light yes as well as the energetic value of […]

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The Art Of Self Care

Hi Guys! Before we get into Holiday Gift Guides next week …. I had to write this ….. As a reminder to myself and MAYBE it well help others as we enter the last little stretch of the year!   The Holidays are definitely one of the most stressful times of the Year…. Many of […]

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Gratitude is a 4 Letter Word – LOVE! – 4 Years For 💗

Hi Guys! is officially 4 years old and I am sooo HAPPY! It’s amazing to think that 4 years ago I started & jumped from and directed myself into the beauty world – I had no idea what was ahead. I loved lipstick and well started writing about lipstick! BUT…… haha. It Kind […]

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5 Ways To Stay In A Positive Mindset✨

  Hi Guys I have been WANTING to write a post like this forever!!!! It’s been tugging at me and when an idea or concept tugs at you- You know You have to write about it! How To Stay in a Positive Mindset – Really Stay There.   Perception is Everything  How You perceive every […]

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OMG I am ever Glad it is!!!!!!!!!! Voice is my first love so COME ON !!!!!!!!! What took me so long to get back to it UM LIFE HAHA! Last week my Guest was DAL – Littlebeautyloves ! She was my first guest in 2016 and she is back with all her heart ! Remember […]

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