The Art Of Self Care

Hi Guys!

Before we get into Holiday Gift Guides next week ….

I had to write this …..

As a reminder to myself and MAYBE it well help others as we enter the last little stretch of the year!


The Holidays are definitely one of the most stressful times of the Year…. Many of us feel pulled in many different directions and I want to shed a little extra light on How to reel it in. Bring it back to ourselves , like a wave to the shore over and over again.

Think of yourself as a wave in your daily life. You give of your energy and that energy travels….

But it always needs to come back to Yourself – THE SHORE.

That wave comes back right? The Beauty of Nature!

So let’s talk about keeping our energies strong and bright.


  • Say Yes to what ignites your passions  If You don’t feel passion for it- Whatever IT may be, let it go. If You don’t feel 100% about whatever Your “It” May be- You will end up draining your valuable energy and wasting it.  What does Passion feel like? Only You will know the answer to this. Personally, Passion feels like a heart pull to me. I am drawn to it without thinking too much about it.


  • Take Joy in taking care of your own needs. As a nurturing personality type, I have learned that heart boundaries are so very powerful. When I was younger I literally wanted to be there for everyone I met. I have no idea where that comes from within me.  In retrospect it’s endearing but VERY Utopian and Impossible. I have to laugh and smile fondly at the lofty ideals I had, but in all seriousness Come on!! The wave I wrote of earlier would just travel and travel and only sometimes touch Shore. So Reel it in. Revel in taking care of You. I am Not only talking hot baths here!!!! I am talking The Whole of You. Heart, Mind, Body and Soul. Whatever that means to you respectively, Do It!


  • Detox Often and when I write often, I mean Daily! I am talking negative energy detox.  If You are a highly sensitive personality type – THIS IS ESSENTIAL. I will link an amazing Article written by Judith Orloff M.D.  She’s an amazing psychiatrist and I own all her books. How can You detox daily? Well, That’s Going to look different for everyone but it could be as simple as taking a hot bath with epsom salts or going to group meditation.


  • Be Creative. This works EVERY single Time. Everyone has creative talents. EVERYONE!  Unleash Your creativity and See what happens. I used to publish every little poem I wrote, every single piece of music. Past tense…… Now I create a lot more Just for me and that’s so fulfilling. Art – whether it is painting, singing, writing…….is Freeing. Make something …… Create….



I hope you enjoyed – What are You doing for YOU ????

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