My Experience at Calia Hair Design Yorkville – Beauty

*This service was gratis – all views are my own

Hi Beyoutifulls!

Today I have a review of an amazing Toronto Hair salon and I am still in Good shock!


Let me start with a little background on this hair of mine.

I am a natural blonde – Very Light and really have never done very much with my hair. Out of all the topics discussed on my blog: hair has never been a big one. It’s definitely going to change now!

I’m not an expert with hair tools and am a wash and wear kind of girl. Always have been. Unless- Someone was doing my hair for a photoshoot etc.

My parents both have dark hair but we have French and Danish blood so I came out super Blonde.


I really was so excited for this change

Calia Hair Design in Yorkville is a relaxing place to say the least. I was there for about 6 hours as I had a consultation first.

This is the lovely lady that did my hair.


I had to snap a few pics of her.

I desperately needed a cut. It had been over a year. So that was the first thing we discussed.

I wanted to keep my length but it needed movement so long layers YES!

Also Hello Fringe! I have always loved the look of a heavy fringe as it emphasizes the eyes and adds a doll like quality to the face. So THAT was a Big yes.


I Really needed different tones in my hair and so Cali and I decided on a Nicole Kidman kind of colour.  Let Me tell You – I learned so much about colour on Thursday I am still in awe of the whole chemistry aspect of hair colour.

That’s the colour she mixed!

Reverse Balayage – Darker at the roots – YES. and a warm strawberry blonde to enhance blue eyes and liven everything up!

The salon itself is ZEN. I loved being there and am returning Tuesday for a mask and blow out.

They have charging stations for devices – SO COOL.

It was a serious Makeover day and honestly I could just hang out there- The Vibe is so great.

I am Going to need some High Quality STYLING TOOLS now.



And of course I am Now obsessed with Snapchat – It was coming yeah ?


And I am in love

Thank You soooo much to Calia Hair Design Yorkvile for their expertise and sweetness.

You can find them on social media

Also as Noted on My instagram acct yesterday – If You visit their Yorkville for services You can get 15% off the magic ! Woot

All Love



  1. WOWSERS CAT!!! Your hair looks incredible!!! Cali did an amazing job in selecting the colour and style that suits YOU. I can’t get over the waves too – so Hollywood glam! ❤

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