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Happy March Guys!

Hope You are all well – March is one of my favourite months – SPRING OFFICIAL will be here soon!

If you follow me on Insta – You know that I am always talking about IT Cosmetics – CC – Your skin but better – Since Summer 2019, it’s the only base that has really worked for me. I know as a blogger I am supposed to try a million foundation/ bases but ….. It’s the one that works for me as it’s no fuss 50+ sunscreen and is perfect for me at this stage in life . My skin is pretty awesome after HALO at Compass and so I just need this and I am out the door. Add lipstick and bronzer and blush … LOL …


IT Cosmetics has become one of my Favourite brands on the Planet. I don’t say my favourite brand – OFTEN. EVERYTHING works as is claimed & I love what They stand for.

Confidence In Your Beauty Sleep Night Cream

is their newest addition


$ 68.00

“Confidence in Your Beauty Sleep Night Cream helps you wake up to more beautiful, younger-looking skin! This moisturizer works overnight—when your skin cell turnover peaks—to improve surface cell renewal through exfoliation. Featuring Rest & Restore Technology, it visibly improves 5 of the top signs of aging skin: fine lines, wrinkles, dryness, dullness and loss of firmness. After just 1 sleep, your skin will feel hydrated, smooth and supple. And after 7 sleeps, your fine lines will diminish in appearance and your skin will feel firmer and look plumper!

This night cream’s unique texture, called MemoryBounce Technology, is rich and enveloping for your most luxurious application experience. Suitable for all skin types and Infused with skin-loving ceramides, hyaluronic acid and a soothing lavender scent, Confidence in Your Beauty Sleep makes the perfect last step in your skincare routine!

IT Cosmetics partners with plastic surgeons and dermatologists to develop skin-loving solutions and clinically tested formulas.”

Ceramides Naturally occurring lipids that retain moisture and help reinforce the skin barrier.

Hyaluronic Acid Attracts moisture, supports skin elasticity, and plumps the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

Adenosine Helps to revive the look of skin and provide long-lasting hydration.

More on the ingredients


I have been using the DAY version and the gel since I received – Now remember that I have had “work” done so my results might be different. All skin is different – That’s why skincare is MY FAVE TOPIC!!!
I will keep you in the loop on this gorgeousness as I have only used it 3x.
This brand is so CONSISTENT!
This is why I love them. The texture is like a fluffy cloud hugging the skin. I
t’s light but ultra
nourishing and has the effects of a night mask with none of the goopiness.
It kissses Your face.
“IT Cosmetics partners with plastic surgeons and dermatologists”
Ultimately This is the only skincare I want to touch, It has to have the science!
Do You need this in your life?
I can tell you with full confidence that if You need a great night cream and You are looking for a brand that never dissapoints . YES You do!
Pair it with their other Confidence in a.….. products for full on AWESOME!
I am so charged up for March you guys! Expect a lot of Sunshiny content from me – As Long as we have sun …….. HELLO CANADA – The struggle is real !!!! HAHA
I usually write 9 MINUTE READING POSTS!
I am going to keep it a little shorter in reading time unless it’s Spa/Wellbeing related
Let’s see how that works out!

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Kindly Gifted by the brand all views are my own


  1. I first discovered IT Cosmetics a few months ago. Of course, the product I first purchased was the CC Cream because it’s so raved about but for the right reason! It tops all my other bases and is the one base I can use with my fingers yet still give me that flawless finish. I recently needed a new eye cream so I got their Confident in an Eye Cream which I’m really enjoying. It’s moisturising enough without being too heavy on the skin. I also have a few samples of their cream which they kindly gave me.

    I bought one of their concealers but have yet to open that to properly try. Oh and lastly! I am using their cleansing balm at the moment and it might have surpassed my favourite! It swipes so easily therefore makes a mess-free application and takes my makeup off with ease.


    1. how amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!! I haven’t tried their eye creams or cleansers yet!!!!!!!!!
      I find that You cannot go wrong with them
      everything is so consistent !!!!!!!
      C xx

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