Keepping a Positive Mindset – Lifestyle

Hi guys ! No Podcast again this week I think I will start recording once my son goes back to school .... so In lieu of this I wanted to write a post about keeping a positive mindset I think it starts FIRST thing when You wake . Your heart is beating .... Isn't it?!!!! … Continue reading Keepping a Positive Mindset – Lifestyle

My HelloFresh Experience – Lifestyle

Hi Guys! Food Blogging WHAT ? Yes - that's right! This is not only a beauty blog anymore - more of a lifestyle blog - There is so much to write about that is not in the beauty realm ! Enter Super awesomeness From Hello Fresh Who are they ?? "We are out to change … Continue reading My HelloFresh Experience – Lifestyle

Perfect Detox Mask – Fresh Beauty Umbrian Purifying Clay Mask – Limited Edition

Hi Guys !!!! I've Got a review of a CRAZY great mask from Fresh Beauty today! I've written about them before and You can read those articles  Here or Here !- If You wish! I don't know about You guys but My skin has had enough summer- WHAT? Yes you read me correctly - My … Continue reading Perfect Detox Mask – Fresh Beauty Umbrian Purifying Clay Mask – Limited Edition

Igniting the Heart – Thoughts to Words – Lifestyle

Since there is No podcast this week - Lack of time - I have decided to do a little Motivation post - Inspired by - If You will .. Enter Nida - Creator of MyLifes.canvas Her Words "Thank You for all the crappy days" Roaming around @harbourfrontcentre and looking at so many smiley, happy faces. I … Continue reading Igniting the Heart – Thoughts to Words – Lifestyle

5 To Zen – – Lifestyle

Hey Guys !!!! Today I wanted to write about something more in the lifestyle realm from a very personal angle... Last weekend was probably one of the first weekends I have Truly relaxed in a long time. What did I do differently than I usually do? I am a Mom to a 12 year old … Continue reading 5 To Zen – – Lifestyle