SLIMWAVE – My Experience!- Spa 🌟

First of All … HAPPY 2020! A new DECADE! WOW! All the best Guys! — So what is SLIMWAVE Mariia -The SLIMWAVE Tech and I Decided in Early December that we would work on my Waist & Glutes! She took all my measurements and I learned so much through my five sessions! A little bit […]

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Gift Guide- Burt’s Bees 💛

It’s Gift Guide time Guys – The best time of the YEAR !!!!!     Today I have a LOT of natural gorgeousness from BURT’S BEES Everything Burt’s Bees is available at Shopper’s Drug Mart They are everywhere and I love that! —   Starting with Lips of course! L-R Kissable Color – Cool […]

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The Real Meaning Of Wellness ✨✨✨

Hello Loves !!!!! I’m Very much still on my journey with Soul 7 and it’s almost been two weeks since I stepped foot into this new path. I’ve experienced so many of the treatments they offer. They filmed more yesterday – So once the edit they are working on is up, I will definitely share […]

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Best Of Summer 2016 (so far) –

The Summer is NOT over – No way No how ! Although, I am definitely feeling the excitement of Fall Beauty and Fashion stirring. I have always looked forward to September and all the new launches. I thought that today I would recap the Beauty that I liked writing up the most so far on […]

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Wow !!!! 3rd Episode! Things are Moving Fast Fast Fast !!!! Tonight my fabulous Guest is   We laughed a ton in this episode Hippy Lip has an incredible medical background and an amazing vocation. She also has an enthusiasm for beauty that’s going to make all of you smile from ear to ear. […]

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Hi Again!!!!! NUWORLD Botanicals are a Canadian company that promote health and wellbeing through their multipurpose oils, and blends of aromatherapy. They Host an extensive catalogue of blends and after Looking through it- I was really pulled in! You lovelies may have seen them floating through my Instagram as I had won a Giveaway from them on […]

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Les Soins de Jacynthe Skincare –

Happy Friday Beauties! Les Soins de Jacynthe skincare was sent to me just a bit before Christmas and, like I usually do wanted to try it out in my skincare routine for a while before writing about it! Jacynthe René A dedicated artist with an inspiring journey! Jacynthe René has received two bachelor’s degrees and is known […]

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