BITE LIP LAB – With The Girls

On Friday the 14th – Good Friday – I was so fortunate to visit one of Toronto’s hot spots -Bite Beauty’s Lip Lab

This was my second time!

This time I invited some amazing blogging buddies to come with and WE had so much fun !


How do I love thee

Let me count the ways


It was a Gorgeous evening and the weather was perfect!

Maria , Stashy & Grieta are the ladies that I invited and I am sure you will see their posts roll in soon !

the Bespoke EXPERIENCE

first of all some crazy tweets & ig stories

Because when you are passionate – YOU ARE PASSIONATE


Totally VIP – they closed the doors !

Love it

If the Lip lab isn’t a HAPPY PLACE In Toronto then I don’t know what it!


Experientially – It’s like walking into a Rainbow

this time I was feeling SUMMERY with my choices of colour

I always choose the luminous finish as I find it makes my lips look more Juicy!

I have always loved a 60’s Nude lip – Like Brigitte Bardot with a bit more peach

& for my 2nd shade I let wonderful Lip Lab ARTIST Austen just create from His amazing imagination!

He came up with the most beautiful watermelon shade !

He also picked the scents / flavours too!

Here is the Sheet – LIP SLIDE  with his notes !

I kept the last one as well

It’s in my freezer !

For the Nude Peach – he picked Citrus Mango Vanilla

& for the Watermelon – Violet Cherry Lime

They both smell amazing !

They are True Artists there

THERE is just something about being around so much colour !

Pure Happiness

The Girls created their shades, we drank wine and laughed !

Awesome 80’s and 90’s music too !



My shades are on the right !

AND tada


In love !

I call them Nude Beach & Adore

I love them

and I Loved the whole experience


This was the very first event that I put together

and I am so Happy!

I Know the ladies are happy too!


everything they do is truly Magical




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THANK You BITE !!!!!!!

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80 thoughts on “BITE LIP LAB – With The Girls

  1. Such a wonderful experience and it was all made better by the fabulous COMPANY. 😀 You, Maria, and Grieta made the evening so much fun. And of course, our hosts / artists / magicians: Austen and Jen! Both shades look wonderful on you and I can see you wearing them both down to nub by the end of the summer! Enjoy them! ❤
    Thank YOU for organizing this – it went off without a hitch and I think we can all agree that you have a knack for this! Bravo! 🙂

    1. I LOVE YOU my Stasherooooo
      I will remember our experience for ALWAYS
      and that RED ON YOU
      Bravo to you TOOOOOOOOOOO

      1. I’m scared to wear that red… I was only brave from the alcohol and the encouragement / support of the group! 😛 It’s so beautiful though…
        Hey I just noticed that Austen gave you THREE scents in that lipstick with Violet + Cherry + Lime… 😉

        1. YEAH xxx he is a special one that AUSTEN xxxxx
          like a walking rainbow o happy
          remember what he said about YOUR RED XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX
          LOVE XXX

          1. Yes, he will be QUOTED! I wrote it down over the weekend so I wouldn’t forget haha! ❤
            I'll be posting tomorrow once I sort through my photos. I can't wait!

            1. there is under your gravatar but i would suggest a little email widget
              if you go the top of my blog u will see one on the right side xxx
              makes it easier for your readers xxxxo

  2. Oh wow! What a fun event and the lip shades that you and Austen concocted look amazing! I’m totally stealing the scent Citrus Mango Vanilla when I create my own 🙂

  3. Another two gorgeous shades, if I do end up coming to Toronto next year, I think the first thing I’ll do is book myself in to come go to Bite!
    I’d make a Rosey Mauve shade and a deep raspberry that verges on red – both colours I’ve never quite found my perfect version of!

  4. Thank you so much for organizing such an incredible event! It was amazing and so much fun. You rock and love your post. Amazing and thanks so much Cat! 🙂 working on my fun post now. 🙂 HUGS!

      1. Yes I was busy writing trying to get my post together and I also filmed! I’m working away. Need to catch up now that my dad is not here. I even missed eating lunch. LOL

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