Swatch Sunday – BITE Beauty

Hiya BeYouties xo

I am adding a new feature or category to my beauty blog as I want to write about MAKEUP a tad more ..

Good to give the skin a break – YES ….

So every Sunday I will have some new product or in this case – PRODUCT that is long overdue in swatching here.

Who was this Inspired by …

Well remember the other Day …..

Because Women

Well I am keeping that Going …..

These ladies broke my computer …:) ALL THAT LOVE XO

So Today’s post is inspired by Best Day Blogger Belinda Laurie Stash Matters + Grieta Dior !

The women that almost roasted my computer …..

THANK YOU – wink xo

So Yeah Ladies ……. THANKS – and Love Boomerangs to You !


Okay so onto my super LOVED Bite Beauty treasures

2 are from when I visited the Lip Lab 

and The other – DURING FEBRUARY sometime ?

I have a  shelf  full of Birthday Gifts left to write about …



Yes I love these and seriously the formula is from another world …

Super Moisture

Satin Finish


This is Souffle – Amuse Bouche .


Like a baby marshmallow pink ….

Next –

Customized All Love


A delicious blue toned nectar like pink


Customized Cat Attack


A neutral-ish red with a tad of blue in it but not too much …

Here they are swatched and OMG I have missed swatching!



I honestly love my customized ones the best and that’s because they are just that – customized and I feel like I had a Big part in creating my go to shades …..

My Favourite is Customized All Love … of course ….


And I wear so much Pink …..

Just ask The ladies above mentioned ….. wink 🙂

Which one is your fave out of the 3 ?

I am so excited to play with more makeup and seriously Thanks Ladies …

You always inspire me to add MORE of myself ….

WATCH OUT …. xo lol xo


Have a beeeYOUTifulllll DAY xo



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Hi! My name is Cat and i am immersed in all things Beauty! With a strong background in Music and all of the arts: I thrive on Beauty and am inspired and enthralled by it. I am a Mom and a full time blogger/ content creator From Style to Fragrance -Makeup- Skincare to wellness - I want to write about it! I host Beauty Podcast which you can listen to on all major podcast carriers pr/ business emails - Thanks Cat

40 thoughts on “Swatch Sunday – BITE Beauty

  1. Yay! Lipstick swatches are so fun! Whoa, it looks like you’ve been wearing your custom shades quite a bit already? Look at the wear on those bullets. 😮 A sure sign you LOVE them huh! The colours of the custom ones are PERFECT for you! Of course you’d love them best! “All Love” is my favourite! ❤ Question: when you finish up your custom shade, you still have the "recipe" to re-create them, yes? Is it cheaper is you just go back with your "recipe" and not have a full-on session to start from scratch?

    PS. Speaking of new category, I FINALLY created a menu on my blog! Woohoo, finally figured it out. Please have a look if you can think of any critique. 😀

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I know I saw ur blog and am so HAPPY for you

      That’s a very good question stashy
      i still have the slides …. in the fridge …. lol
      Not sure about that tho
      i sure do Love them
      my son walked in and said MOM U NEED TO WORK IN A LIPSTICK FACTORY
      oh DJ ….lOL


  2. I love this new feature!!!! Blogging shouldn’t feel limiting and this is a natural transition in to beauty swatches so this is great! I love how BIG your swatches are. I get to really see and enjoy the colours. All love is my personal fav, cat attack is SO YOU.

    Burning down computers, one love at a time. You’re the bestest. xx

    Liked by 1 person

      what a surprise
      YOU ARE HERE xoxoxoxox wink
      i expect a call soon – re videos …….

      I like to draw on my arms …..
      the bigger the colour block the happier the unicorn cat Lol


  3. I love both customized shades! They look divine!! I like cat attack the best, looks like a perfect red, and I just love the name! I’d buy it for sure!
    They look like you’ve been wearing them a ton!
    I’ve been going through a red lipstick period over here and I’m on the hunt for a cool red that still looks bright

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Well I’m gonna need a prize for all my cuteness! 😉
        I would love your recommendations on a red shade! I want a cool/blue toned red that isn’t dark, but also isn’t pink. The closest I’ve tried is YSL Rouge Couture in 01, but I want a cooler red than that. Easy right? 😊

        Liked by 1 person

        1. ur so cute .. U HAVE A TROPHY NOW …..
          seriously …..
          u know the podcast comes back this week yeah – just writing that post up lol
          okay so lemme think …..
          Cooler red …..bright xo Okay xo

          here are 2 options …..
          will link sephora
          okay so from Bite
          this is their famous red
          COLOR Gazpacho – True Blue-Red


          I have this one and I love it

          gotta make ur trophy !!!!!!! Lol


    1. my son said to me that I should work in a lipstick factory lol
      imagine …
      #unhinged yes BEAUTIFUL R
      cannot wait to see THE HAIR XOXOXXOXXOXXOXO
      will u tweet me or something xo MUAH

      Liked by 1 person

  4. The shades you created are so beautiful! Going to the Bite Beauty Lip Lab is definitely on my beauty bucket list! Next time I’m in Toronto for sure! I should be in the area around Christmas if all goes according to plan! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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