Swatch Sunday – BITE Beauty

Hiya BeYouties xo

I am adding a new feature or category to my beauty blog as I want to write about MAKEUP a tad more ..

Good to give the skin a break – YES ….

So every Sunday I will have some new product or in this case – PRODUCT that is long overdue in swatching here.

Who was this Inspired by …

Well remember the other Day …..

Because Women

Well I am keeping that Going …..

These ladies broke my computer …:) ALL THAT LOVE XO

So Today’s post is inspired by Best Day Blogger Belinda Laurie Stash Matters + Grieta Dior !

The women that almost roasted my computer …..

THANK YOU – wink xo

So Yeah Ladies ……. THANKS – and Love Boomerangs to You !


Okay so onto my super LOVED Bite Beauty treasures

2 are from when I visited the Lip Lab 

and The other – DURING FEBRUARY sometime ?

I have a  shelf  full of Birthday Gifts left to write about …



Yes I love these and seriously the formula is from another world …

Super Moisture

Satin Finish


This is Souffle – Amuse Bouche .


Like a baby marshmallow pink ….

Next –

Customized All Love


A delicious blue toned nectar like pink


Customized Cat Attack


A neutral-ish red with a tad of blue in it but not too much …

Here they are swatched and OMG I have missed swatching!



I honestly love my customized ones the best and that’s because they are just that – customized and I feel like I had a Big part in creating my go to shades …..

My Favourite is Customized All Love … of course ….


And I wear so much Pink …..

Just ask The ladies above mentioned ….. wink 🙂

Which one is your fave out of the 3 ?

I am so excited to play with more makeup and seriously Thanks Ladies …

You always inspire me to add MORE of myself ….

WATCH OUT …. xo lol xo


Have a beeeYOUTifulllll DAY xo



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40 thoughts on “Swatch Sunday – BITE Beauty

  1. Yay! Lipstick swatches are so fun! Whoa, it looks like you’ve been wearing your custom shades quite a bit already? Look at the wear on those bullets. 😮 A sure sign you LOVE them huh! The colours of the custom ones are PERFECT for you! Of course you’d love them best! “All Love” is my favourite! ❤ Question: when you finish up your custom shade, you still have the "recipe" to re-create them, yes? Is it cheaper is you just go back with your "recipe" and not have a full-on session to start from scratch?

    PS. Speaking of new category, I FINALLY created a menu on my blog! Woohoo, finally figured it out. Please have a look if you can think of any critique. 😀

    1. I know I saw ur blog and am so HAPPY for you

      That’s a very good question stashy
      i still have the slides …. in the fridge …. lol
      Not sure about that tho
      i sure do Love them
      my son walked in and said MOM U NEED TO WORK IN A LIPSTICK FACTORY
      oh DJ ….lOL

  2. I love this new feature!!!! Blogging shouldn’t feel limiting and this is a natural transition in to beauty swatches so this is great! I love how BIG your swatches are. I get to really see and enjoy the colours. All love is my personal fav, cat attack is SO YOU.

    Burning down computers, one love at a time. You’re the bestest. xx

      what a surprise
      YOU ARE HERE xoxoxoxox wink
      i expect a call soon – re videos …….

      I like to draw on my arms …..
      the bigger the colour block the happier the unicorn cat Lol

  3. I love bute beauty and I am dying to get their lip balm but the amouse bouche is my favee. Have you tried the new pencils??

    1. I have – I love them …….
      I am a Big Bite fan xo
      I will be blogging more about their products in the next week xo
      Thanks for dropping by xo

  4. I love both customized shades! They look divine!! I like cat attack the best, looks like a perfect red, and I just love the name! I’d buy it for sure!
    They look like you’ve been wearing them a ton!
    I’ve been going through a red lipstick period over here and I’m on the hunt for a cool red that still looks bright

      1. Well I’m gonna need a prize for all my cuteness! 😉
        I would love your recommendations on a red shade! I want a cool/blue toned red that isn’t dark, but also isn’t pink. The closest I’ve tried is YSL Rouge Couture in 01, but I want a cooler red than that. Easy right? 😊

        1. ur so cute .. U HAVE A TROPHY NOW …..
          seriously …..
          u know the podcast comes back this week yeah – just writing that post up lol
          okay so lemme think …..
          Cooler red …..bright xo Okay xo

          here are 2 options …..
          will link sephora
          okay so from Bite
          this is their famous red
          COLOR Gazpacho – True Blue-Red


          I have this one and I love it

          gotta make ur trophy !!!!!!! Lol

    1. my son said to me that I should work in a lipstick factory lol
      imagine …
      #unhinged yes BEAUTIFUL R
      cannot wait to see THE HAIR XOXOXXOXXOXXOXO
      will u tweet me or something xo MUAH

  5. The shades you created are so beautiful! Going to the Bite Beauty Lip Lab is definitely on my beauty bucket list! Next time I’m in Toronto for sure! I should be in the area around Christmas if all goes according to plan! 😀

  6. Ever since I saw it on YouTube, I have put a visit to the Bite Beauty Lab on my bucket list! Your post on it was such a delight as well!

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