Summer Beauty –

Happy Monday Beauties!

I am really feeling Summer draw to an end today! Β With all the back to school hustle and bustle and the excitement of cooler temperatures – (better fashion) ……..

Today I just felt like collaging. I try and keep my life as minimalist as possible but in saying that There is one thing I always keep- Photos that I love.

This Summer has been so beautiful in Toronto ! My favourite time of day is always Sunset time.


I have about 500 more ! ha ! But today I just wanted to put together a little collection of my favourites.

Also Moments – Yes Moments !

Lastly Flowers- I love flowers and they always inspire me …..


I am working on August Favourites and It’s taking longer than expected !!!!! It’s been Β a beautiful month in all respects and I just wanted to share some of my favourite pics from Summer 2016!

Have a Gorgeous Day !

Cat xo

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Hi! My name is Cat and i am immersed in all things Beauty! With a strong background in Music and all of the arts: I thrive on Beauty and am inspired and enthralled by it. I am a Mom and a freelance blogger/ content creator From SPA and wellness, Style to Fragrance, Skincare to selfcare - I want to write about it! pr/ business emails - Thanks Cat

16 thoughts on “Summer Beauty –

    1. are u psychic …. ?
      i just tweeted u ……
      ???????????????? what is GOING ON ??? lolololol xxx
      thanks babe – i am actually excited for FALL xo my fave time for clothes ……..
      #gettourtweets Lol xxx

      1. Haha some say I have an uncanny intuition but no psychic abilities. I am at the BEACH!! That’s what is going on!!!
        I am excited for fall clothes but that’s about it. Twitter overwhelms me πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
        😘😘😘 going to #getmytweets

          1. Haha I just caught up…it took an hour just so you know!! Omg, the Dave Lackie event 😍 you lucky women. Send good vibes.. Get good vibes.

              1. I always do!! I wore sunscreen today but then sat on a pool side chair and it was so hot that it burnt my legs really bad!!

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