#CityLineBeauty – Unbelievable day !!!! MyLipAddiction.com

Happy Labour Day Weekend Beauties!

About Friday…….

Well – What Can I say – I am still overwhelmed!

In A Huge way !

I have not Tweeted this much in a Loooong time!!!!! ha

Thank You To CityLine,  Dave Lackie + Tracy Moore for having me !

What a Day !!!!

The Party is still going on – #CityLineBeauty !

There was a beautiful breakfast – Again not really a Food Blogger so I just took a few shots of the gorgeous fruit !

Cityline breakfast mylipaddiction.com

Beautiful and Inspiring Tracy Talking to us about the show in the green room

Tracy & Dave MyLipAddiction.com

Then a few lovely ladies and I got a tour of Cityline’s Control room ! OMG !

CityLine Control Room - MyLipAddiction.com

I loved it!!

It was so amazing to understand it all !

Then this happened !!!!Gearing Up for the show taping !

What an amazing DAY!

Sitting right close To HUGE Talent Lissa Monet!

Watching Dave & Tracy – Fabulous Fabulous FABULOUS!

Dave & Tracy - MyLipAddiction.com

The Best of Beauty for Fall 2016 – Exciting!

There was a ton of beautiful Fashion – As Fridays are Fashion Fridays – EEK!

Beautiful show – Understatement – ! I was so Kindly invited to a show taping in March of this year and Again – The energy in the Cityline Studio is off the hook!

CITYLINE MyLipaddiction.com


The Gift bag and was / is beyond my comprehension …….


I had to do this ! xo

I ran around today – and Got some new bedding for my son – AHHH xo wow

and then came home and really kinda Melted in a puddle of Awe!

I tried to create a Video but hello shaky hands ! ha – How to fit all this beauty in one shot !!!!!!

Unbelievable – REALLY shockingly amazing –


I am Going to OPEN EVERYTHING very soon xo review all of this ….

An Immense Thank You to Cityline,  Dave Lackie & Tracy Moore for Making this a party to remember forever ….

The show will air on Friday September 9th on Cityline.ca ! Their website is amazing! So much to check out for Beauty, Fashion, Home Decor +++ ! What a Team of Fabulous experts!

In Awe, Grateful beyond words and wishing You a Gorgeous Labour Day weekend !





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20 thoughts on “#CityLineBeauty – Unbelievable day !!!! MyLipAddiction.com

  1. Adele Wright says:

    It was an incredible day! So much fun! Loved everything about it and it was great seeing familiar faces! Your pics are fantastic! The gift bag was mammoth!


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