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Happy Tuesday Beauties! Back To school is full on and I just wanted to do a Quick post on the beautiful Lip products I received at the Show Taping of #CityLineBeauty!  It Airs Friday Morning and You don’t want to miss it!  I will be watching of course and reliving the party of the year. You can stream it on !

Of course –  being a serious Lipstick addict: I wanted to dive into these First!The Lip Edit - Beauty Podcast starts Up again on 9/15- That’s next Thursday at 7pm!

My First Guest for this second cycle of 8

is Belinda Laurie!

A Lovely Canadian Beauty Blogger with so Much wisdom and heart!

Super excited for You all to check out our chat!


So back To Lips!

Haven’t had the time to swatch anything yet – But soon!


LANCÔME Juicy Shaker Lip Oil 301 Meli Melon

Hello Beautiful Lip Oil with the best scent ever! It reminds me of Hubba Bubba Bubblegum and feels very nourishing.

With one of the beautiful Gift cards we received I went for a really Gorgeous Gloss from Teeez Cosmetics. A Really cool and edgy brand from the Netherlands that is Exclusive to Hudson’s Bay in Canada.

TEEEZ COSMETICS Golden Glow Lipgloss Silky Nude

First Gloss That doesn’t stick to my hair! Seriously!!!!!  I picked this shade as I have absolutely NO GRUNGE in me! ha! I like edgy yes…. But when it comes to following trends in Beauty – Re- the 90’s- I would say that stars like Pamela Anderson and Gwyneth Paltrow are way more me !

Perfect Universal Nude gloss to go over everything or to be worn alone.

DIOR Addict Ultra-Gloss Sensational Mirror Shine- HYDRA Plumping – 929- scandalous

My Photo does not do it justice – I will get into this little baby soon as it’s such a great Transition shade to get into the Fall Mood. Plumps on contact, No sting Factor and amazing shine.

SHISEIDO Rouge Rouge Lipstick RD 305 – Murrey

Shiseido has created 16 new Reds For Fall 2016  “A Red For Everyone”

Murrey is a pinkier red tone. Muted but Powerful. The Packaging is Gorgeous and It has weight to it, which I love .

So That’s It for Today Lovelies!  I am Loving all of these Lip colours and Hoping the weather will cool down a bit so I can bring out the Fall clothing.





* These products were Gratis and all Views are My own




  1. A lipstick that smells like hubba bubba?! I had no idea. Now I need to get one of those shakers. It was already on my list, but knowing that it smells so delicious has pushed it closer to the top of my list of must haves. Brilliant post as always x

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  2. But of COURSE you’d dig into your lip products first! I am so glad you got a Lancome Shaker! Isn’t it so fun? ❤
    I'm itching to revisit the Teeez counter – I've walked by several times and resisted looking too closely because I know I will want to buy something!!!
    Oooh I'm also looking forward to seeing the Shiseido Rouge Rouge in person. Did you ever see me gushing over their Perfect Rouge?
    Hands down my favourite lipstick formula.

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    1. But of course LIPS …… with a little beret and a striped shirt xxxx I think the new Fashion Vendetta line comes to the bay in a few weeks – the eye palette – STASHY – first EYE PALETTE that i can gush about for reals – it’s like the blues were made for me – ig – not here – not enough time yet – i almost broke down now that D is in grade 7 – not in a bad way just in an astonished way – weren’t you just BORN ? lol xxxxx
      amazing Shiseido does it again – amazing that these have a little more oomph in the plumping factor – more coverage – we can go swatch them Together if u wanna ? Lol
      yeah i am Coming over now – PHEW that was a rant !!!!! x

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        1. mostly yesterday was the bittersweet – because it was the last day of summer ……….. today was full on school bells – gaggles of happy kid reunions etc ……. 😉 xxxx big milestone …….i cried a TONZ yesterday – but happy tears – because raising him is the meaning of my life and i just so enjoyed our summer x i love seeing growth in all ways – u know that – it bedazzles me and even though he is my David-Jacob and he is my blood – He is still mysterious – He has that from his Dad – it was a very beautiful emotional day yesterday and let me tell you – Tofu is looking around …….. and sleeping a lot … lol xxxx yes to the counters you and i xo


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