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It’s FriYAY!!!! WooHoo!   Last Night was AHH-Mazing! L O V E D it !

Dave Lackie Held A very inspiring Presentation at Hudson’s Bay!

I have To admit, I was watching the screen and listening like a kid!

This is what I adore!  Beauty+Fashion walk hand in hand and that really mesmerizes me!

He had great stories to share about His experiences as a Beauty editor!

Really brilliant

and some totally hilarious !

So Great

As Editor of  BEAUTY – The Guide Magazine 

which you can find easily if you scroll down the Hudson’s Bay website :

He talked Trends for Fall 2016 and again – as someone that is Fascinated by Global trends and how everything merges- I was blown away.

I created some collages with just some of the shots I took from His Talk.

Really I could collage all day !!!!


EEEK so amazing!

This Little collage of Dave Lackie’s Talk is my Favourite . Fall Beauty that is Edgy & Empowered – I love it!


In Classic Dave Lackie fashion, there was a lovely gift bag !

As A beauty blogger that has a serious appetite for Style and How all Beauty meshes together-

This Event was so Incredibly Inspiring!

The Phrase that stuck with me the most from last night…..

“Follow Your Passion ………” Dave Lackie


I will get into the gift bag NEXT WEEK !  Events Like These are always about the experience first and foremost !!!!



Thank You Dave Lackie & Hudson’s Bay !

It was / is Truly magical xo

Happy weekend



        1. U got my deeeeets xxxxx yeah xoxoxoxxoxxoxxoxxoxoxxoxxoxxoxxoxxo podcasting starting again thurs night with giveaway – belinda laurie – great woman xo
          big heart xo just like u – so extra resting weekend xo Muah xoxoxxoxoxo Love you too and every time a colour pop email comes in ….. I think – WHAT is she getting Now xoxoxxoxoxxoxo


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