Otavea – Divine Body Scrubs💋

Hi Hi Hi!

I am so so so Grateful that I received these beautiful Body scrubs from OTAVEA yesterday.

First Of all – Co Founder Amber Anania  and the Otavea team – Super wonderful  people! I want to meet them (like right now) -such a pleasure when people are so Light hearted and Generous. I so Love to connect with such beautiful hearted human beings!  Gorgeous inside and out! 

Otavea Founders

I think I found my Dream scrubs. Seriously! Thanks Guys !!!!

Their Approach – quoting from their site – 

“This is why everything about OTAVEA is natural and comes from the earth. Our mission is simple: To make your skin LOOK as good as you FEEL when you scrub with Otavea” 

Loaded with Natural Ingredients and Oodles of handcrafted love, Just wow …


Peppermint, Strawberry and Chocolate Coffee 

Sent with a little spatula so You apply the perfect amount – well I went a Bit Nuts with the Strawberry one. 

Otavea Strawberry scrub

Those are little pieces of strawberry on my legs  -I almost wanted to eat it!

So Luxurious – 

“Grab Me – Scrub Me – Rinse Me”

I grabbed a Ton and then scrubbed a LOT of the weekend dancing -off my legs for about 2 minutes. 

I Rinsed in the shower after that – and so amazing – silkiest feeling ever.

NO moisturizer needed . 


They are so beautiful 

Each one is incredible and could be used for different skin needs.

All very hydrating because of natural oils 

 Strawberry : Ingredients: Pure cane sugar, special blend of cold-pressed organic oils, strawberries 

“Tiny sugar granules soften skin by exfoliating and removing dead skin cells making this scrub great for healthy, glowing skin.”

Yes! smooth legs that Glow and feel Refreshed! 

Peppermint : Ingredients: Pure cane sugar, special blend of cold-pressed organic oils, peppermint leaves & essential oils 

“Vitamin E in the oils soothe and moisturize skin making this scrub perfect for after a work-out or at the end of a long day.”

Yes! I used this around my neck region right before bed and it felt smooth and I smelled like a delicious natural Candy cane.

Chocolate Coffee: Ingredients: Pure cane sugar, special blend of cold-pressed organic oils, cocoa powder, robusta ground organic beans

“Vitamin E in the oils soothe, moisturize and boost your skins natural protection. Perfect for scrubbing before some fun in the sun”

Yes!  I Used This one around my  core, stomach and lower back.  The aroma is Intoxicating- I felt like it invigorated the skin cells.

Otavea Body scrubs
Otavea Body scrubs

I am sooooo Happy with these.

And Otavea is generously offering my subscribers a 20% discount !!!!

Open for two weeks – starting now – using the code alllovecat at checkout 

So Yes In Loooove with these 3 gems.  IN LOVE. 

Thanks to OTAVEA for sending me little jars of heaven!

& Thanks to You beauties for reading!

*I did receive these products gratis but as always These are all my opinions!






    1. i wanted to omg JODI XOXOXOXOXOXOOXOXXOOXOXOXOXOXO they are soooooooooooooo beautiful xoxoxoxoxo and right up ur alley xo i was just thinking that Lol xo super duper natural xo MUAH XO

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    1. Hi xxxx the strawberry one xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo xxxxxxxxx i think it’s the fact that the fruit enzymes work magic xxx my legs are still moisturized more than 12 hours later xo ❤


    1. they have an amazing discount going on right now 😉 ……….. xo MUAH they are amazing – and most importantly – i feel like i have gotten to know them as lovely human beings that put all their heart in their products xo

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    1. i did ? 🙂 that’s Good xxx maybe that’s the musician in me xo Ha xxxx they have a discount on for 2 weeks xxx if u use the discount code there xo alllovecat

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